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Commercial Elliptical Machine for Sale

  • Superfit-7001(LED)
  • Superfit-7001(15.6" LCD)


Commercial Elliptical Cross Trainer Superfit-7001 is full-featured with ergonomic accessories and technology such as heart rate control programs. Whether you are looking for a professional elliptical machine for your gym or commercial facility, the Ntaifitness Superfit-7001 is a perfect fit.

The Ntaifitness Commercial Ellipticals & Cross-Trainer Superfit-7001 is the perfect solution for the hospitality and multi-housing markets. New to the Ntaifitness commercial line, the Ntaifitness Superfit-7001 Commercial Elliptical Trainer delivers a superior cardiovascular experience.

With premium full-color flat panel displays. The elliptical Superfit-7001 is designed for maximum performance and comfort.

It's built to withstand light commercial use, is self-generating, has electromagnetic resistance - all in all, is the best cross trainer that you'll find in this price range.

The Superfit-7001 Elliptical has proven itself a favorite with facilities in all different corners of the fitness industry. This is because it’s an incredibly reliable, high specification cardio machine that offers value for money that is hard to match. use and abuse.

Ntaifitness’s Ellipticals are commercial models for your home with the design and features favored by fitness center exercises and owners. New technology uses your preferences and exercises data to deliver a personalized workout experience that promotes better results and saves you time.

At Ntaifitness, we understand there’s no such thing as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ elliptical machine. That’s why we choose to showcase only the most customizable, ergonomically adjustable elliptical trainers in the industry.

The models we carry-like those have without question the most bio-mechanically correct, fully adjustable technology available to make for an ideal fit for your specific needs. This guarantees a great workout without stressing your knees, back, and hips. What’s more, it means a more enjoyable workout off for you, and a greater ability to reach your goals.

Why choose to invest in an elliptical, instead of a treadmill or a semi-recumbent bike?

The elliptical can be considered a middle ground product when comparing it to other forms of cardiovascular exercise. A reason to choose this over a treadmill would be the lack of impact on the joints. Another advantage is that along with strengthening your heart, you can also focus on strengthening all lower body muscles by increasing the resistance necessary to complete the ellipse pattern.

The advantage over a semi-recumbent bike is that this form of exercise is full weight bearing. This means that along with strengthening your muscles, you will maintain or increase the bone density in your lower body.

We can make the gym fitness equipment such as a treadmill, spinning bike, row machines, stepper, elliptical machines, free weight, 3d Smith, power rack, CrossFit rigs, and other kinds gym machines. For more details, pls contact us.


  • Double rollers on twin rails
  • Low-maintenance
  • Supports a wide range of user weights and heights
  • Easy-to-use console
  • Accessible toggle control buttons
  • 21 interactive programs


Technical Specifications
Dimensions (L x W x H)2190*690*880 mm
Carton size:2260*670*880 mm
Weight(N.W)56 kg
Weight(G.W)144 kg
PowerEMS Generating System32 levels resistance, With High Power Magnet and Flywheel to get sufficient tension torque and consistent resistance
Led DisplayLED OR 15.6" LCD Screen Display, With backlight computer, Multiple Display for 12 Program Profiles +4 user’s memory, Speed/Rpm/Time/Distance/Watt/Calories/Pulse/Watt Control/heart Rate Control/Special Recovery Function, With Hand-Pulse System for Heart Rate Display
Max weight150 kg
Quantity in container20'/40'/40h':16set/34set/51set