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Chest Press Machine for Sale


Are you looking for a new or used Chest Press Machine?  Converging Chest Press ROCKBOYE-1001 is the best chest workout machine.

Stop risking injury and muscle overuse with traditional methods of the chest press and start using the Ntaifitness Converging Chest Press.

The simple, intuitive start position adjustment is partnered with independent press arms to ensure a natural, converging pressing movement An adjustable start position facilitates an increased range of motion Incremental weight.

What is a Chest Press Machine?

The Chest Press Machine comes useful when you do not feel 100% comfy doing the barbell or dumbbell bench press when you wish to load very bigger weights and you cannot find anybody to spot you.

In this exercise, the movement comes from the elbows and shoulders.

The chest press machine is probably one of the most popular of the weight lifting machines, however, the average newbie will skip over the iron dumbbells and barbells in favor of the easier, simpler to use machines.

The seated chest press machine is an upright version of the standard lying bench press machine.

The arms, placed under a weight-bearing load, are pushed away from the chest and returned to the starting position.

The chest press helps build the pectoral muscles as well as the biceps, deltoids, and latissimus dorsi muscles.

The same exercise can be performed on a bench using either a barbell or a pair of dumbbells as well as on a cable machine.

Types of Chest Press Machine

What Muscles Does the chest press machine work?

Major muscles used in the chest press machine are pectoralis major, minor, serratus anterior, anterior deltoid, all three heads of the triceps, and forearm muscles for grip and stabilization.

Chest Press Machine Benefits

The chest press machine is valuable for individuals simply starting to lift weights or those who are coming back after a long break.

The adjustable seat and fixed positioning of the handlebars help you in maintaining proper form as well as avoiding injury.

This avoids you from cheating by shifting weight to other muscles, and also fully isolates the chest.

A lot more experienced exercisers who want to lift a lot of weight but do not have a spotter might additionally find the vertical chest press easier as well as safer to maneuver.

Here are many benefits of the chest press machine

Other benefits of a chest press machine include:

  • The chest press machines give you a mechanical advantage, allowing you to push heavy weights and without worrying about balancing a barbell.
  • The chest press exercise is safer, easier to isolate targeted muscles with machines and more time-efficient.
  • The chest press machine will not alert you if one side of your body is pushing harder
  • The chest press machine will save you a few mins each workout – time that can be spent pushing out a couple of extra reps instead.
  • The chest press machine removes the struggle as the weight is already balanced, allowing you to focus on squeezing your pecs and progressing to heavyweights.
  • The chest press machine allows you to exercise your pectorals without the worry of a barbell crashing down onto you and causing serious injury.
  • The chest press machine did rate as more effective than inclined dumbbell chest flyes, dips and several variations of the pushup.
  • The chest press machine targets the middle and lower pectorals, which are the most massive areas of the chest muscles.
  • The seated chest press machine is comfy for your body while allowing you to lift heavier weight with more control.

How To Do Chest Press Machine?

The seated chest press machine is comfortable for your body while allowing you to lift heavier weight with more control.

In this exercise, the movement comes from the shoulders and elbows.

  • Starting Position:
    Sit down in the seat with the head, shoulders, and feet firmly secure.
    Grip tightly and keep upper arms parallel to the floor.
    Do not bend at the wrist, keep them stiff.
    Align bars at the nipple level of the chest.
  • Upward Phase:
    Remember to keep upper arms parallel to the floor.
    Keep wrist stiff as you extend elbows ours in front of you.
    Stop just shy of full elbow extension to prevent injury and keep tension on muscles throughout the motion.
  • Downward Phase:
    Allow handles to move slowly back in place.
    Do not allow them to drop as injury could occur.
    Stop handles movement once just shy of the starting position to keep tension on the chest muscles.

Chest Press Machine Price

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Product Features

  • Converging motion better replicates free weight movements.
  • Conveniently located and easy to read exercise placards offer a quick reference to targeted muscle groups and proper machine use. Placards also offer color references to easily identify muscle-group categories.
  • Independent converging arm movements provide a natural path of motion and increased exercise variety
  • Integrated foot platform provides addition user stability and comfort during use
  • Adjustable back pad with gas-assist facilitates an easy range of motion changes
  • Simple structure, easy assemble and more durable stability
  • Action Specific Grips provide greater comfort and minimal point pressure
  • Designed for easy entry and exit
  • Ergonomically designed, function-specific handles reduce stress on contact points to enhance user comfort.
  • Independent converging and diverging motions on select units produce a natural resistance training movement for a superior feel.


Technical Specifications
Overall "static" dimensions (L x W x H)140 x 141 x 135 cm / 55" x 55.4" x 53"
Overall "in-use" dimensions (L x W x H)168.5 x 141 x 135 cm / 66.3" x 55.4" x 53"
Machine Weight348 kg / 768 lbs
Shipping weight399 kg / 880 lbs
Total stack weight108 kg / 240 lbs
Max Training Weight111.4 kg / 247.5 lbs
Incremental weight system1.1, 2.3, 3.4 kg / 2.5, 5, 7.5 lbs
Consistent 53” stack heightYes
Weight stack guardingFull front and rear shields
Color-coded pivots & points of adjustmentYes
Integrated leveling systemYes, top-down leveler
Machine anchoringIndependent machine hold down brackets
Front placardsMuscle call outs, exercise specific stretching, start & finish exercise illustrations, proper machine adjustments, color-coded machine identification
Personal storageTwo tactile storage mats, personal device cradle, and towel hook
User adjustment range7 position seat, 6 back pad positions with a total range of 20 degrees (4 degrees per position)
Machine assisted user adjustmentsSpring-assisted back pad; self-aligning tibia pad
Contoured seatYes
Cable transmissionInternally lubricated cables & fittings
Frame finishProprietary two-coat powder process
Available frame colorsIced Silver, Matte Black, Gloss Black, Lace White, Polarized Titanium

Important: The Leg Extension Machine is a built-to-order product and may require a 3-6 week lead time. The Leg Extension shown above uses a custom color configuration. Manufactured in China.

*This product is designed solely for use in commercial fitness settings.*

Commercial Warranty Details

  • 10 Years: Frame
  • 1 Year: Rotary bearings, weight stacks, pulleys, guide rods, and structural moving parts
  • 1 Year: Cable, linear bearings, springs
  • 90 Days: Upholstery stitching and items not specified
  • Labour: 1 Year