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Electric treadmill for Sale. Ntaifitness providing a Wide Range of High-Quality Affordable Electric Treadmill with Incline Online, Buy Treadmills Online at Ntaifitness.
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Electric Treadmill for Sale

  • Superfit-5050(LED)
  • Superfit-5050(Touch)


Cheap Electrically Powered Treadmills for sale. These commercial treadmills have automated inclines and allow for ramp micro-adjustment with settings in half-degree intervals.

Wireless and contact heart rate monitoring is supported and most ntaifitness gym treadmills have heart rate controlled workout programs.

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Shop our wide range of Ntaifitness Fitness home and commercial treadmill for sale. Our treadmills for commercial gyms have a reputation for reliability and comfort.

The affordable treadmills from this brand, the Club Series, and Platinum Club Series, are available with touch-screens and can display high-definition virtual reality aerobic exercise videos.

NtaiFitness incline treadmills are all high quality but there's lots of variety.

Second, to none, the Ntaifitness cheap treadmill Superfit-5050 has redefined performance-grade quality cardio equipment.

The elite in every category, these commercial grade treadmills pack a 3.0 hp AC motor, durable steel construction, and every premium features your training program demands.

With Bluetooth technology built directly into the console, your training information is synced seamlessly at the push of a button.

Run with confidence, the Ntaifitness electric treadmills Superfit-5050 professional running machine comes with our full commercial warranty and is the perfect high-end treadmill for any home or gym setting. Combining a low maintenance/high mileage commercial belt.

The Ntaifitness best treadmills Superfit-5050’s 3.0 hp commercial AC motor provides tremendous torque at low speeds for heavy walkers and smooth, continuous power at high speeds for the elite athlete.

The heart of your product, we put only the highest-quality, longest-lasting motors into every treadmill we produce. Rest assured, you’re getting the strongest, most durable piece of technology available.

Are They For You? If you want a gym treadmill that would last for the longest time possible, then look no further. This brand can very well provide you with the last treadmill you’ll ever have to buy.

If you have the budget, want to get the best price guarantee, Ntaifitness best cheap treadmills are definitely recommended.

It is the best price guarantee home treadmill brand money can buy. And without a doubt, these machines are built to last a lifetime for your fitness goals.

Today the company continues to lead as a producer of high-quality treadmills, exercise bikes, free weights, and other cardio fitness equipment.

Our motorized treadmills are made in China for good quality control and price control, and customer service.

Ntaifitness products carry competitive warranties and consistently earn positive reviews for durability, smooth operation, and useful programming.

These right treadmills Have The High Quality Feel You Would Find At The Gym.

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Technical Specifications
Dimensions (L x W x H)2295*948*1630 mm
Weight(N.W)233 kg
Weight(G.W)287 kg
Running Area(L x W)580*1690 mm
Speed range1-20km/h
Led Displayspeed/time/distance/pulse/calories/incline,user program,MP3 speaker/fan/25 programs
Max weight180 kg
Quantity in container20'/40'/40h':22set/47set/54set