Buyers Guide for Choosing the Best Free Weights Set

Buyers Guide for Choosing the Best Free Weights Set

Which free weight should you use based on your fitness goals? This question haunts many of those who come looking for the right free weights, either as newbies or just wanting to change their routine.

First of all, you must have a clear goal for your workout goals. Many people who get into the habit because of a fad will never see the results they are aiming for. Sooner or later, we will lose the fire and go back to where they started. So, when you look for free weights or any exercise equipment for that matter, your determination is vital. As they say, the best workout is the one you will do, and the best tool for that is the one you will use.

If you are serious about gaining a healthier body, then read this article guide to choose the best free weights for you.

Beginners or Pros

There are typically two kinds of people who come looking for guides in buying free weights. The beginners and the experienced ones.

What differentiates them? The former has little to no knowledge about the product. They may have heard it from other people, see an advertisement, or was recommended by others. Simply put, they need a lot of help in this area.

The latter may not necessarily be pros, but they have a good grasp of what free weights area, and they already know the things they need to look for when choosing the right one for them.

Although these two groups may vary significantly, this guide can help both. It helps to get back to the basics, and everything is covered in this article.

Should you go for free weights?

In everything you need to do, you have to be clear about your end goal. From there, decide about the track you need to take to achieve it.

Newbies must note that they have many equipment options they can use in their quest to be fit. Both machines, which are available in gyms, and free weights, help this endeavor. Try not to get into the fad, but think things through.

Here are some thoughts to ponder to help you determine if you should get free weights or not:

  • What are your specific workout goals?
  • How long do you intend to keep this routine?
  • What do you wish to achieve in this workout plan?
  • Will there be anything that will limit you from going all out? (such as injuries or medical issues)
  • Do you have an available space at home that you can convert into a workout space?
  • How many will be using the gym equipment that you will be purchasing?

The above questions will determine whether the free weights program is the right routine for you. Once everything checks out, you will be ready to begin looking for the proper free weights you can use.

Why invest in free weights?

There are many workout equipments available to choose from. Many experts agree that free weights are among the most efficient, versatile, cost-saving equipment that delivers satisfying results over a considerable amount of time. More than promoting functional fitness, these can also improve stability, balance, and strength.

Things to consider when buying free weights

Going for free weights must never be an arbitrary decision. Picking the set that you will use must also come with many considerations. Let us look at the guide below to help you in this pursuit.

Choose based on experience

We believe that your experience should determine which free weights you should be eyeing more than anything. That is the most crucial factor as far as we are concerned, more than the price, space, or anything else you might think of.

Each set must be chosen based on how much you have done this kind of training before. Getting something too light will not help in achieving your goals. On the other hand, when you pick one which is too much for your capability, you might end up getting hurt.

Make sure that you have free weights that are personalized for your needs. Do not try to overwhelm yourself. Take it slow and steady. You will get to where you want to eventually.

Personalize your purchase

Free weights are not a one-size-fits-all thing. Every individual has different requirements for this, so you must have what you need. Do not just go with the crowd. Pick the set that will best suit you.

So, how do you determine which one you need?

Let’s find out as you continue reading.

Identifying your training goals

There are different types to choose from based on how you would like the tool to help you. Are you determined to lose weight? Is this for strength training, interval training, or functional training? Seek help from an expert to determine the right amount of weight your fitness goal requires.

Determining who will use the equipment

It would be easier to pick if you are buying just for yourself. However, if this will be a piece of shared equipment, it will be a bit trickier.

The best way to go around this hurdle is to bring those who will use the free weights when you make the purchase. This way, they can also try and feel the item, and you all agree on which one will address your goals well.

Always go back to the main reason you are purchasing this equipment, which is to achieve your fitness goals. So, ensure that everyone who will use it will benefit from it.

Consider the space you have

As mentioned above, free weights are versatile. Thus, looking for a space to put them in will not be too challenging; unless you have none at all.

Consider the space you have at home, and picture having your free weights there. Will you have enough room to store them? Will there be a comfortable space to move around?

The different types of free weights come in different shapes and sizes. It will help you know how much room you have for them in determining what to purchase.


There are free weights that can be brought along to the gym if you want to. These are portable items that can be brought along and be used anywhere you feel comfortable. If this is your purpose in buying one, then go for the smaller ones that can fit into your gym bag or any other carrying case.

Physical limitations

No matter how much you want to go or the heavier stuff, if you have physical limitations, such as healing from injuries, you have to consider that when picking your free weights.

Do not go for intensive workouts while healing. There are low-impact programs that you can use to still weight train so that you do not strain yourself.

Going for adjustable weights

If the equipment you are buying will serve more than one person, it will be an excellent option to go for the adjustable kinds. This way, everyone will have personalized weight training suitable for their workout requirement.

If the price is not an issue, you can build a complete set of free weights at home. It will not just accommodate everybody, but as you begin to become stronger, you can also adjust your workout accordingly. It saves you time going back and forth to the store and will also be convenient when you want to switch to low-impact training now and then.

Using adjustable weights will also help avoid jumping to greater weights quickly. You can incrementally add weight to your load without having too much pressure. At the same time, you will barely notice the difference, so your body gets used to it faster.

Building up your personalized gym

After determining the one you need, it is time to choose the specific items you will buy. Again, there are many options to choose from. But for those who are just getting started, here are some great recommendations for you!


Adjustable Dumbbells for Sale, Buy Best Cheap Dumbbell Set Online

Dumbbells are an excellent choice for beginners. They employ different sets of muscles along the arms and core as you try to lift them. You do not need to fix your hands in just one position, so it is more relaxed and will not cause much stress.

Dumbbells are handheld equipment composed of a handle with identical weights attached on both sides. You may use it individually or in pairs. You may invest in a set and buy a rack to store them properly.

An excellent example of dumbbells is the Hampton Jelly Bell Dumbbells. They are impact-resistant, highly durable, and are made with a non-porous surface making them low maintenance. They are also stylish, coming in various lively colors that can make your gym space exude fun.

You may also opt for the traditional or classic styles if that is the ambiance you are looking to achieve for your home gym.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable Dumbbell for Sale, Buy Best Adjustable Dumbbells Online

Earlier, we touched on adjustable dumbbells. Their difference with the traditional ones is that you can adjust it as the name implies. That is, you can change the weight on each side of the handle to match your current requirement for your workout.

The benefit of having this one is that it can replace several sets of dumbbells, helping you maximize your space, and in the long run, your savings. It can also be shared among different people with varying fitness goals since you can tweak the weights on the sides.

PowerBlock Pro 50 Adjustable Dumbbells are among those we highly endorse regarding this type of equipment. If you are looking for a stable and durable adjustable pair, you will never go wrong with this one.

However, if you want one that comes with a stand, you may also consider MX55 Selectorized Dumbbells. These are very efficient and are designed to keep your workout smooth and hassle-free.


Barbells are like oversized dumbbells. They consist of a long bar, with equal amounts of weights attached on either side. Since it is big, it requires both hands to lift. Using barbells puts the workout on the larger muscles, unlike the dumbbells, which works more on the stabilizer muscles.

For beginners, this may not be the top choice, as you need to build up muscle strength before lifting one. Although for professionals, these are their top choice for free weights. You can gradually increase the weight on each side or go as high as you think you can. You just have to be cautious, though, and never go beyond your limits.

If you are looking to get a barbell to complete your home gym, you may consider Troy Pro Style Barbells. It is a versatile piece, which can be included in most weight training routines, increasing strength, or training your leg muscles.

Racks and stand

Hammer Strength HD Elite Half Rack for Sale

Keeping your personalized gym organized is a great way to increase productivity and avoid accidents. Thus, though you may add to your expenses, you must ensure that you include racks and at least one stand in your free weights workout set.

It would be best if you had a place to put your dumbbells or barbell down to avoid the possibility of tripping over them. It will also help in a more organized transition from one free weight to the next for a more fluid movement.

Complete your setup

It is not easy to put your own personal free weights training setup, especially if you are just getting started on this workout routine. You need all the help you can get so that you will not end up with stuff you won’t be able to use in the long run.

This guide will help you with the basics to finally begin with this fitness journey. You may also seek help from your gym instructor or any other professionals to guide you with the specifics. Moreover, check with your doctor if this is the right type of exercise for you.

Again, this is an excellent way to work out, but it will only give you results if you stick with it. Be consistent and focus on your goals to achieve the body tone you aim for.

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