Benefits of Stair Climbers for Weight Loss and Fitness

Benefits of Stair Climbers for Weight Loss and Fitness

When we want to lose weight and get fit, it makes good sense to do as much exercise as possible on a daily basis. Of course, most of us live a busy life and the distractions and stresses of our fast-paced world aren’t always friendly to those of us who want to shed a few pounds.

Jobs where we sit down, daily stresses, and driving around in our cars don’t give us a lot of time to exercise. This is why it makes sense to get the most out of the exercise time that we have. If you’re into getting fit, you’ve probably already heard that it’s better to use the stairs, rather than the elevator. Of course, the more exercise that we do, the easier it is to get fit and lose the weight that we want, but we don’t always have the time or even the opportunity to climb stairs all day. This is where the stair climber exercise machine comes in.

The stair climber makes it really easy to get the stair climbing exercise you really need, without having to find an actual set of stairs. But, it’s not just a great workout machine for the glutes. There are heaps of other stair climbers benefits, too. Consider the following:

1. Great Muscle Toning in a Convenient Workout

Many people underestimate the power of a familiar exercise such as stair climbing. Just think about the last time you had to climb lots of stairs. How did you feel when you got to the top? It’s a pretty high-intensity workout, but we don’t really give it the attention it deserves.

If you really want muscle tone from an exercise that is high intensity, rapid, complete, and resistance based, then stair climbing is going to be your thing.

It targets muscles such as the glutes, the thighs, the hip flexors, and even the abdominals. Yes, it will sculpt your buttocks very quickly, but it also targets other muscles and results in great toning.

2. Make Your Core Super Strong

We’re all familiar with the movement of climbing stairs. One of the hardest things about the exercise is that the stairs just keep coming and you have to engage lots of muscles to climb them.

This repetitive, but high energy range of motion is fantastic for your core strength and will even help to improve your sense of balance.

One of the things that you have to do when you climb stairs or use a stair climber, is to keep your body upright and balanced. This not only works out your back muscles but also increases your core strength over time.

This is why the stair climber's benefits are so good.

3. Increase Your Bone Density

A disease such as osteoporosis is very common in older women due to hormone changes. This can create brittle bones that break easily. One of the little-known benefits of using a stair climber is that it actually increases bone density.

When you climb stairs, you’re actually going against the force of gravity. This means that there’s extra pressure on not only your muscles but also your bones. As you force your muscles to work and pull you up each stair, you also strengthen your bones.

4. Lose More Weight

It doesn’t really need to be said how beneficial losing weight is. In our culture, we often have jobs where we sit down. Even on weekends, it’s our cars that get us around.

Combined with our busy and hectic lifestyles, the opportunity to put on weight, rather than lose it, really adds up.

The good news is that you can use a stair climber to lose weight very effectively. Because climbing stairs uses multiple muscle groups and is a high-intensity activity, it is even more efficient at burning calories than using the treadmill.

This is great news for anyone who finds it difficult to get motivated to use the treadmill each day.

It gets even better for people who are already overweight and are using the stair climber to lose weight specifically. Because they are carrying those extra pounds, they tend to burn off more calories every time they use the climber.

This is because climbing stairs is an exercise that is variable in intensity and resistance. By working against your own weight, you burn more calories per pound that you carry.

In fact, studies consistently show that climbing stairs gets the body into a fat-burning more quickly than just about any other exercise.

A big reason for this is because it’s an exercise that uses many muscles at one time, forcing the body to use calories far more efficiently. Stair climbing can even be done in short bouts so that you don’t have to spend every waking hour at the gym.

5. An Easier Workout for Your Joints

One of the big problems with many types of workouts is that they place lots of stress on the joints. These high-intensity workouts might have some great cardio benefits, but they can also increase the risks of injury and joint damage.

Surprisingly, using a stair climber is actually a low impact exercise. Despite the intensity of the range of motion on a climber, the fact that you don’t have to pound the ground means that your joints are saved from excessive damage.

If you’ve been suffering from injuries because of the intensity of your normal workouts, give the stair climber a try.

6. Better Than Real Stairs

You might think that the stair climber is just a poor stand-in for real stairs, but the truth is that it’s actually better for your body than real stairs.

A big part of the issues with climbing real stairs is that you have to climb back down. This range of downward motion actually places more stress on the joints and connective tissues, resulting in possible injury.

When you use a stair climber, you don’t have to go back down the stairs and place extra stress on your body. You can simply hop off back to the level ground!

The other benefit is that the stair climber offers a number of different resistance levels so that you can customize the exercise session for yourself and your level of fitness. You don’t get to choose this with real stairs.

7. Live Longer

We all understand that regular exercise helps us to live longer, but because the stair climber is such an efficient and effective workout, it tends to result in higher levels of fitness for those who use it every week. Studies have found that people who use the stairs over other forms of exercise each week were actually fitter than those who did other kinds of exercise.

Losing weight and getting fit is ideal for most of us, but who has the time to dedicate to exercise? The stair climber represents an easy way to burn calories and get fit much more quickly than many other forms of exercise.

The stair climber is easy to learn and easy to use. This makes it ideal for beginners or more experienced fitness fanatics.