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Adjustable Abdominal Weight Bench for Sale

Adjustable Abdominal Weight Bench

Buy Commercial Gym Equipment Adjustable Decline/Abdominal Bench with Low Price From Adjustable Ab Bench Fitness Equipment Manufacturers Ntaifitness, Call Us +86-0534-5088836, +86-0534-5088839.
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Commercial Weight Bench for Sale, Buy Adjustable Weight Bench Online

Commercial Weight Bench

Looking to upgrade your home gym workout bench? Buy Commercial Weight Bench & Weight Benches & Racks for Commercial Gyms, Our Best Multi-Adjustable Weight Bench Affordable enough for Home Gyms.
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Adjustable Abdominal Bench for Sale, Buy Ab Bench Online

Adjustable Abdominal Bench

Adjustable Abdominal Bench for Sale, Buy Ab Benches, Ab Exercise Chair, Adjustable Weight Bench, and Decline & commercial sit up bench Online at Low Prices for Your Home Gym. Get the Best Deals. Contact us today for your custom commercial quote!
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Adjustable Bench For Sale, Buy Weight Bench Online

Adjustable Bench

Buy best adjustable weight bench with Low Price From Adjustable Bench Manufacturers Ntaifitness +86-0534-5088836, +86-0534-5088839
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Adjustable Decline Bench: Buy Adjustable Decline Bench for Sale Online

Adjustable Decline Bench

Buy High-Quality Adjustable Decline Bench OCCUPIED-9021 from NtaiFitness, Buy Commercial Gym Equipment Adjustable Decline Bench with Low Price From Adjustable Decline Bench Fitness Equipment Manufacturers Ntaifitness, Call Us +86-0534-5088836, +86-0534-5088839.
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Super Bench Adjustable Utility Bench On Sale

Super Bench Adjustable Utility Bench

Online shopping for Adjustable Benches, Adjustable Weight Bench, Standard Weight Benches, Olympic Weight Benches, Weight Sets, Workout Benches & more at Ntaifitness, an ideal addition to any home gym.
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Olympic Incline Bench: Buy Olympic Incline Bench for Sale Online

Olympic Incline Bench

Olympic Incline Bench for Sale, Buy Olympic Weight Bench, Weight Lifting Benches at the Best Online Prices at Ntaifitness. Buy online today!
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Multi-Purpose Bench for Sale, Buy Utility Benches Online

Multi-Purpose Bench

Buy multi-purpose bench, utility benchs, weight benches, workout benches, Gym benches online at best prices for full upper and lower body workouts, in order to maximize your training results, Shop now!
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Olympic Decline Bench for Sale, Buy Olympic Decline Weight Bench Online

Olympic Decline Bench

Buy Olympic Decline Weight Benches, Bench Press, Weight Benches with Low Price at Ntaifitness, Bulk orders? Call +86-0534-5088836, +0534-5388839 for best pricing and custom shipping quote.
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Olympic Weight Benches for Sale, Buy Olympic Flat Bench Online

Olympic Flat Bench

Buy High-Quality Olympic Flat Bench aeroEX-6060 from NtaiFitness, Buy Commercial Gym Equipment Olympic Flat Bench with Low Price From Olympic Flat Bench Fitness Equipment Manufacturers in China, Call Us +86-0534-5088836, +86-0534-5088839.
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Olympic Overhead Press for Sale, Buy Olympic Military Bench Online

Olympic Military Bench Press

Buy High-Quality Olympic Shoulder Bench aeroEX-6046 from Ntaifitness, Buy Commercial Gym Equipment Olympic Shoulder Press Bench with Low Price From Olympic Shoulder Bench Fitness Equipment Manufacturers in China, Call Us +86-0534-5088836, +86-0534-5088839.
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Utility Weight Bench for Sale, Buy Utility Bench Online

Utility Weight Bench

Ntaifitness has a range of fitness benches for weight training, abs exercises and more. Shop Online for utility bench gym, Weight Benches, Flat, Incline, Decline, Olympic Weight Benches at the lowest prices and get the best deals. Visit our store to get more information!
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Weight Benches, Gym Benches for Sale Online

Looking for where to buy Weight Benches and Bench Press for your home or commercial gym?

Ntaifitness Free weight training provides a challenging option for exercise veterans and workout novices. An effective training option every gym needs. Ntaifitness free weights look good and are constructed for ease of use.

If you are looking for the best commercial fitness equipment manufacturers to help you build up your muscle mass, Please contact us, Ntaifitness offers one of the largest varieties of quality Gym Equipment wholesale the fitness industry.

Introduces our range of premium fitness and exercise weights benches including Olympic, heavy-duty, flat, incline and decline adjustable variants.

Exercise benches are ideal for gym & home use for a wide range of exercises using free weights and Olympic bar exercises to build up chest, arm, abdominals, legs, and back muscles.

Find the best quality, precise and durable benches and racks here with NTAIFITNESS which is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China.

We've got all of our benches and racks manufactured under strict quality control and management system in our factory. Please rest assured to buy.

We are Gym Benches & Racks fitness equipment manufacturers, which can supply all kinds of Benches & Racks as customer requirements.

They can also be used for cardiovascular exercise. In recent years, the use of Benches & Racks gym equipment Complete Commercial Gym Equipment Package has become very popular.

Bench Press is an upper body exercise to build upper body strength and development by lifting the weight.

The bench press is a popular lift program in the gym to strengthen muscles from the lats, biceps, forearms, to the neck, glutes, and abs.

There are various types of bench press like flat bench press, decline bench press, incline bench press, etc. flat bench press emphasis weight on the chest and best exercise for overall chest development, Incline bench press emphasis upper chest and shoulders strength. Decline bench press allows more weight on the lower chest.

There are various types of adjustable bench press, body solid preacher curl bench and foldable bench for commercial and a home gym is available at here.

Types of Bench

There are several types of weights bench you will encounter. While some are versatile, others have very specific functions and should only be purchased for those specific reasons.

  1. Adjustable Bench (Folding Bench)
    these are the most versatile and popular benches. You can adjust the bench from various angles. Usually, there are at least three settings – decline, flat, and incline. These allow you to perform exercises at different angles to hit specific muscles. While you might get more adjustable positions on one bench, others with fewer positions might be able to take more user weight
  2. Flat Bench
    These are exactly what they say – a flat bench. You won’t be able to adjust to incline and decline bench press.
  3. Decline Bench
    These benches are not adjustable. They are solely for exercising in the decline (lower angle, head towards the floor) position. This angle is aimed at developing the lower chest area during pressing movements.
  4. Olympic Bench
    Olympic benches can be flat, decline, or incline (as an example) but are made to Olympic specifications.
  5. Ab Bench
    Ab benches are specifically designed with ab training in mind. While some might have the ability to perform other exercises, this is the primary function of the ab bench.
  6. Combo Bench
    Combo benches come with accessories such as leg curl or arm curl attachments, or a rack for the barbell to go on.
  7. Incline Bench
    As with the decline bench, these are not adjustable. They are solely for exercising in the incline (raised angle, head higher) position. This position is typically adapted to hit the higher part of the chest during pressing movements.
  8. Commercial Weight Bench
    You’ll find that all of the weight bench types listed above will be available for your home gym or commercial set-up. If a commercial weight bench is what you’re after, you can sort by price, high to low. They tend to be more expensive, thanks to their superior, heavy-duty build quality.
  9. Home Weight Bench
    This all depends on your budget, and space available. If you’ve got a high budget, and lots of space, you might still wish to invest in a commercial weight bench. However, you can pick up a great folding bench for under £200.

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