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Belt Squat Machine for Sale


Ntaifitness Belt squat machine could be one of the best investments your gym can make even if you think exercise machines are baloney. It's commercial grade and is ideal for individuals to large groups interested in building strength and power with these foundation exercises.

Ntaifitness Hip Belt Squat Machine is designed for commercial gyms. Built to last, it is constructed from the highest quality heavy duty materials. The frame is powder coated to keeping it looking good for many years.

Ntaifitness Belt squat machine is the most professional belt squat machine for the safest and most efficient leg days.

Fitted with weight storage pins to help keep the training area neat and tidy, this machine provides a great alternative to barbell squats. You will receive your new machine complete with a belt included.

Belt Squat Machine is a fantastic way to train the legs with a massive amount of weight but due to the load attaching the weight via a belt.

Perform squats without loading the shoulders and back. Especialy beneficial for those with a shoulder, wrist, neck, and even sometimes a lower back injury.

It's a great substitute for people with injuries to the lower back or upper extremities.

It's far less expensive than the vast majority of other belt squat machines. Toughest and most versatile belt squat station on the market!

This Belt Squat Machine helps build dynamic hip explosion with no shoulder or spine loading. It removes the time-wasting setup required and improves the safety of doing body weight and weight-loaded squats, dips, and calves.


This belt squat allows you to focus solely on training legs without putting pressure on your back.

Use the Belt Squat Machine to build tremendous lower body power without stressing the lower back.

The thigh pump created by technically perfect belt squat reps is absolutely devastating in the best possible way.

The exercise is pure thigh muscle. The degree of thigh isolation surpasses even squats, the eternal leg power benchmark.

Increase strength, power and add tremendous flexibility to your weight training program with the Ntaifitness Shark Belt Squat Rack.

Purchasing a Ntaifitness Belt Squat (Plate Loaded) Product for your Gym, Club, Sports Team, Agency or Your Home, will be one of the best desicions youve ever made when it comes to fitness equipment. The detail and quality is second to none.

Our goal was to bring a commercial unit to the market with a price a home gym user could afford. Special Offers For Hip Squat Belt Machine. Get now at Ntaifitness.

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  • Wide platform, Great for belt squats, jump squats, single leg squats, good mornings, reverse lunges and more.
  • Perform squats without involving the shoulders or back.
  • Adjustable safety stop to protect against injury from fatigue.
  • Solid construction
  • Powdercoated
  • No shoulder or spine loading.
  • Belted squats improve range of motion to maximize athletes’ strength and flexibility.