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The barbell is a kind of exercise equipment used in bodybuilding, weight training, powerlifting, and weightlifting, consisting of a long bar with weights attached at each end. In the world of physical fitness, the term barbells have always been synonymous with muscle building.

Barbells provide versatility, particularly overweight machines. Each type of weight machine is designed to help you perform one or two movements, and each limits the resistance you use for the movements. Barbells, on the other hand, can help you strengthen virtually every muscle in the body with a wider range of resistance. If you work out at home, a set of barbells makes more sense and costs less than an assortment of machines. They also are easy to store compared with many other kinds of resistance equipment.

The barbell mainly can be divided into these types: Olympic Barbell, standard barbell, Trap/Hex Barbell, Thick-handled barbell, EZ curl barbell, and tricep barbell.

Olympic Barbell: Most gyms and commercial fitness centers have Olympic barbells. Lifters use Olympic bars for the compound, large-muscle movements, such as squats, deadlifts, presses, and rows, because an Olympic bar can hold heavier loads than other bars. An Olympic barbell weighs 45 pounds, is 7 feet long and can hold between 800 and 1,500 pounds, depending on the brand of the bar. The middle of the bar is just over an inch thick and the ends of the bar are 2 inches thick.

Each end of an Olympic barbell has a rotating sleeve, which is the area that holds the weight plates. As you move the bar during an exercise, the weight plates rotate with your movement. This relieves tension on your wrists and forearms caused by the torque of non-rotating plates. You can only use Olympic weight plates with 2-inch center holes on an Olympic barbell.

Standard Barbell: Most standard barbell sets are made up of a long steel or iron bar, a set of collars, and different plates placed on each end of the bar. The iron bar is usually between four feet (1.2 meters) to seven feet (2.1 meters) long, depending on the usage purpose. Collars are used to secure the plates on the bar to prevent the weights from sliding off during training. Most standard barbell plates have a hole in the center measuring about an inch (25 millimeters) in width where the iron bar can easily slide in. Different sizes of plates are usually used, ranging from 1 pound (0.5 kg) to 55 pounds (25 kg).

Trap/Hex Barbell: Trap and hex bars have different shapes, but serve the same purpose. A trap bar has four sides in a diamond shape, and a hex bar has six sides in a hexagon shape. The designs of these bars allow you to stand in the middle of the bar with the weight plates at your sides, instead of the plates being in front or behind you as with a straight bar. This reduces the tension on your lower back when you are doing power exercises with heavyweights, such as shrugs or deadlifts.

Thick-handled barbell: This is designed to test an athlete’s grip. The thicker the bar, the greater the difficulty of grasping with the hands and fingers. This often results in a dramatic increase in stress on the wrists, forearms, and hands during the exercise movements. This type of barbell equipment is mainly used for overhead presses and deadlift competitions.

EZ curl barbell: This is a modified piece of barbell equipment used for exercises that target the biceps or the muscles in the upper arm. Its prominent feature is the curved appearance of the grip handle area, which gives the forearm and wrists a natural position. With these modifications, pain in the wrist and the risk of injury caused by repetitive stress is greatly reduced.

Tricep barbell: This is a type of barbell equipment that looks like a cage with two parallel handles for each arm to grip. As the position of the arm grip changes from horizontal to a vertical position during exercises, the effect on the target triceps muscles become more isolated and focused. Triceps muscles are the large muscles mostly found at the back of the upper arm. Similar to the EZ curl bar, the tricep bar also reduces the stress placed on the wrist of the user.

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