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Hammer Strength Back Extension For Sale


The Back Extension has an adjustable angled pad for sound support and exceptional comfort. The seated back extension is commonly found in most gyms. Find Deals on Lower Back Extension Machine on Ntaifitness.

The ntaifitness back extension machine or Roman chair is used for an isolation exercise that targets the lower-back muscles, mostly the erector spinae.

Each frame receives an electrostatic powder coat finish to ensure maximum adhesion and durability.

Originally designed for athletes who demand high-performance training equipment, Hammer plate-loaded equipment products benefit all users, from professional athletes to everyday champions.

Hammer products benefit all users, from professional athletes to everyday champions.

We have a full range of weight machines including Hyper Extension Machines, Hyperextensions Benches, Lat pulldown machines, back extensions, seated rows, ab benches for use with barbell plates and glute extension benches too.


  • Secure locking mechanism for pad height adjustment
  • China made mechanical quality steel purchased in mill run quantities to assure the best consistency.
  • Superior grade of Naugahyde vinyl used on all upholstered pads.
  • Angled support pad design allows users to train back extension and oblique crunches
  • Nonskid foot platform