Best Back Exercises Workout Machines You Must Know

Best Back Exercises Workout Machines You Must Know

Developing a strong back is one of the most difficult things any bodybuilder struggles with. Because we can’t really see the muscles we are trying to work, developing a strong mind-muscle connection is difficult and lots of lifters out there say that they can’t really ‘feel’ their back engaging.

And this could partly be explained because a lot of new lifters start with back exercises in the gym that are very difficult to master without prior experience.

What do I mean by this?

You see, most guys start off training their back with exercises like the barbell row, deadlift, and pull up. And don’t get me wrong, these are Back Extension Machine for back development… but they are not good for a beginner.

That’s because these exercises require more strength, better coordination, and balance. Not to mention impeccable lifting form.

And when you throw these factors on top of the fact that a new lifter is just learning how to engage their back properly, you are left with a kid who does exercises with poor form and doesn’t get anything out of them.

This is why a lot of lifters end up having underdeveloped backs. They never take the time to learn a good mind-muscle connection with the proper exercises.

They stick to the basics, pile on more and more weight, and their form progressively gets worse and worse.

So, what are the ‘proper’ back exercises I just mentioned? Those done on gym equipment for sale.

Machine exercises are getting a bit of a bad rap from critics, but they are excellent for both beginners learning proper mind-muscle connection, and more advanced bodybuilders looking to develop their back muscles further.

But there are many machines out there, and you need to find those that are excellent. Each machine needs to be of high quality and made with the end-user in mind. Only then, can you truly make the most of your back training?

Here are some of the best back machine exercises:

1.The lat pulldown

Research suggests that lat pulldown is one of the best movements to target your lats. It’s also excellent for beginners to learn proper form and mind-muscle connection.

But don’t forget to do it on a quality back machine.

lat pulldown machine

2.Back extensions

We often neglect the low back with our training, and that’s a mistake. Luckily, this is an excellent exercise to target that area, and it’s great for both beginners and more advanced bodybuilders alike.

back extension machine

The back workout machines benefits include:

  • Teaching us how to engage our backs properly;
  • The ability to continuously overload the exercise by holding onto external weights;
  • Developing a strong low back.

3.Seated cable rows

I love prescribing this exercise to bodybuilders of all levels because it’s an excellent option. With the close-grip option, you are effectively targeting your lower traps, rhomboids, and lats.

And because this movement is relatively easy to learn, everyone can learn how to row properly and engage their back effectively.

seated cable rows

And, as usual, don’t forget that having a weight machine is very important. 18 Full-body Strength Gym Equipment Names & Pictures & Prices

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