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Assist Dip Chin for Sale, Buy Dip Chin Assist Online

Assist Dip Chin aeroEX-6017 is the best ASSISTED CHIN AND DIP MACHINE. Ntaifitness is a machine that improves upper body strength and counterbalances your body weight.

Oversized steps, a comfortable knee pad, rotating dip handles and multiple-position pull-up handles are part of the highly versatile aeroEX-6017 Dip/Chin Assist.

Chin-ups work your back muscles, the back of your shoulders and arms. Dips work the pushing muscles in your arms, the front of your shoulders, and offer some chest involvement.

The knee pad flips up out of the way for unassisted exercises. A linear bearing mechanism assures smoothness and durability.

For a complete chin up and dip station, look no further than the CHIN-DIP ASSIST from Ntaifitness.

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Product Features

  • Compact footprint.
  • Steps allow easy entry and exit.
  • Marine-grade double stitched upholstery.
  • Counter-balanced knee pad allows you to control the desired weight-assist during exercise.
  • Stainless steel guide rods resist rust and stay smooth.
  • Multiple chin-up handles allow a variety of grip positions.
  • Foot plate adjusts to accomodate assisted and unassisted exercise positions.
  • Pull-up bar offers both standard and neutral grips for individual preference.