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Manufacturer: aeroHOME Aerobic Gym
SKU: Superfit-8001
Delivery date: 6-8 weeks

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Fitness Spinning Bike Superfit-8001 Features

  • The patent of all-new powerful appearance attracts customers’ attention and makes it be the selling point.
  • It is unique with the application of the overall colors and the bright spot of this bike.
  • The adoption of the pullout proof design patent for the aluminum tubes under the seat & the handle avoids the extraction of the slip vertical pipe from the fixed standpipe due to a large range of upward moving. At the same time, it also avoids the reinstallation issue. As a result, it will avoid the injury caused
  • by the vertical pipe to the users so that it can ensure the safety and improve the exercise efficiency & the users’ experience performance.
  • The handle tube and seat tube are made of aluminum alloy, which can’t be corroded easily. The users can adjust both the handle and seat more smoothly. It improves the stability of the quality.
  • The design of the frame is suitable for the ergonomics.
  • Multiple seats and handlebar adjustments will be suitable for different customers.
  • Dual metal pedal with adjustable foot cage makes users comfortable.
  • The thick imported shaft ensures a lower failure rate and durability.
  • Bearings and shafts are matched more precisely and it’s easier to maintain it and replace aging parts.
  • Belt drive mode brings fewer noises and smoother movements and makes it lubrication-free.

Fitness Spinning Bike Superfit-8001 Specifications

Size: 1170*600*1150mm
Transmission: belt drive
Large round: cast iron, weight 20KG
Net weight: 72KG
Optional colors: red, yellow, blue etc (optional)
Features: 45mm axis, 20mm big wheel


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