The Best Benches Smith Machine Squat Racks for Commercial Gyms

The Best Benches and Racks for Commercial Gyms

Selecting the right weightlifting equipment, especially benches and racks, as a commercial gym can be a difficult task. It’s important to strike the right balance between performance features that experts expect, with the accessibility needed to ensure newcomers won’t be scared off. With hundreds of designs available across countless brands, it can be hard to know what will be rest received in your gym or your home gym.

The Smith Mаchine and Your Home Gym - 3 Reаsons Why You Must Have It!

To help with this dilemma, we’ve created a list of essential benches and racks for commercial gyms. We highly recommend buying from NtaiFitness, as they have consistently proven themselves among the most elite manufacturers on the market.

Flat Bench

The standard flat bench as absolutely essential for all commercial gyms. With a simple and basic design, this piece of equipment fits in nicely with any gym atmosphere and design. Despite its incredibly simple, a flat bench proves extremely versatile. Example functions include allowing gym-goers to perform exercises like dumbbell bench, straight-bar bench, bent-over supported rows, and abdominal raises, among countless others.

flat bench

Decline and Incline Bench

To provide the best possible service, you should seek to have a wide range of gym equipment. This means you need to purchase both incline and decline bench press equipment. These products will prove to be a staple in your Olympic lifting area. Consider buying the Olympic Incline Bench aeroEX-6061 and the China Olympic Decline Bench aeroEX-6066 as they are some of the most proven products available.

Decline Bench

Olympic Decline Bench aeroEX-6066

Adjustable Abdominal Bench

If you’re looking to improve your free-weight station, look no further than an adjustable abdominal bench. As the name indicates, an adjustable abdominal bench’s best feature is its adjustability. People will absolutely love being able to set the decline to different settings based on their abilities and desired exercise.

Adjustable Abdominal Bench

Adjustable Abdominal Bench aeroEX-6048

Squat Rack

Your gym-goers will expect you provide a top-notch squat rack. Any quality piece of squat equipment should feature a number of different heights available to rack the bar on. This type of design allows for people of all heights to utilize the rack. A great example of a sturdy, well-manufactured product is the Squat Rack TEKKEN-5147.

Squat Rack

Smith Machine

In order to ensure that your gym is accommodating to people of all skill levels, you must offer a smith machine. The self-safety designed rack lets gym-goers squat and bench without a spotter and serves as an excellent tool for newcomers. The China Smith Machine TEKKEN-5142 is a premium piece of equipment that offers both expert craftsmanship and very competitive pricing.

Smith Machine

Buy Smith Machine aeroEX-6062

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