Adjustable Kettlebell

Save Space with the Ntaifitness 10 - 40 lb Adjustable Kettlebell for Sale. Adjustable weight from 10lb. up to 40lb. Powder-coated finish; Space-saving design; Flat base for easy storage.
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Adjustable Kettlebell for Sale - 10 to 40 lb - Wide Handle

The Ntaifitness 40lb adjustable kettlebells are the perfect compact solution for any workout. The Adjustable Kettlebell Weight by Ntaifitness is an excellent addition to your home gym, exercise machines, and dumbbells. Kettlebells are among the most versatile weights when it comes to full-body workouts.

The 10 to 40 LB Adjustable Kettlebell is extremely sturdy and strong and can handle some pretty intense training routines. You can easily perform high rep or low rep workouts of the same movement by simply adjusting the weighted plates with the slide of the lever!

Our beautiful adjustable & compact system makes it easy to get in an incredible workout without taking up any space. Integrate this adjustable kettlebell into your workout routine to target and tone a variety of muscles across your entire body.

To adjust the weight on this kettlebell, simply place your thumb or index finger in the circle on the top of the kettlebell and slide towards you.

Next, rotate the lever all the way to the right to unlock the weight plates in the center.

Finally, remove the plates to select your desired weight, then slide the lever on the top back towards the left in the locked position.

7 Kettlebells in One, the Kettlebell Adjusts to 7 different settings:

  • 40lbs
  • 35lbs
  • 30lbs
  • 25lbs
  • 20lbs
  • 15lbs
  • 10lbs

Easily dialing in the resistance that best suits your fitness level or current exercise needs. Enjoy a full range of resistance for different strength-building or CrossFit workouts.

Enjoy the benefits that come with including kettlebells in your training routine with the Ntaifitness 40-pound Adjustable Kettlebell.