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The Ntaifitness Ab Coaster NT-10090 is designed to help you exercise your abdominal muscles via a leg lift motion. It's best to exercise machines for abs.

Best choice abdominal coaster, able to help you get rid of your fat and reshape your body to get a lean, sculpted and sexy abdomen,

The Ntaifitness Commercial Ab Coaster NT-10090 puts you on the fast track to great abs.

Unlike the popular ab crunch exercise, which works your ab muscles from the "top-down", the Ab Coaster moves in the direction, working your abs from the "bottom-up".

The motion requires you to lift your knees and legs while contracting your abs.

Just kneel on the comfortable carriage, and pull your knees up. It's as simple as that!

As you lift, the knee carriage glides along the biometrically-designed curved track, engaging your lower abs first, then the middle and upper region, giving you a complete abdominal workout from the bottom-up.

The Ab Coaster keeps you in perfect form and makes it easy for anyone, regardless of fitness level, to exercise your entire abdominal region correctly and effectively every time, without straining your neck or lower back.

The Ab Coaster NT-10090 also features a multi-angle adjustable seat to help you work your love handles and plate-loading posts to add extra weights for advanced users.

The Free-Style motion seat allows you to target your right or left obliques.

Its Weight-bearing design eliminates the need to hang from a bar and places the user in a comfortable kneeling position off the floor.

The Ab Coaster’s curved track guides you through a perfect lower abdominal lift while eliminating strain to your neck, back, and shoulders.

The Ab Coaster NT-10090 engages your abs from start-to-finish, giving you a constant core contraction with every repetition.

The freestyle motion seat moves in all directions so you can target your obliques at every angle for a complete abdominal workout.

Rounding out the Commercial Series product line, the newly re-designed Commercial Ab Coaster NT-10090 is perfect for personal training studios, hotels, and other light commercial use.

The new features of the Commercial Ab Coaster NT-10090 include smooth stainless steel rails, adjustable hand grips, and a free-style motion seat.

The Ab Coaster is a revolutionary exercise device that is taking abdominal training in a whole new direction.

The Ab Coaster's bottom-up motion works your entire abdominal area in each rep so you see results fast.

Gymnasts and bodybuilders have known this secret for years: to get a strong, lean core necessary for competition, they work their abs from the bottom up.

Located in your midsection, the core consists of your abdominal muscles, pelvic floor muscles, and back muscles. These muscles, working together, power most of the body’s movement, supporting the spine when you walk, run, bend over, sit and stand up.

There are four muscles in the abdominal group that the Ab Coaster works on strengthening:

  • Rectus abdominis – these are the muscles that form the six-pack. Their purpose is to move the body in the area between the ribs and pelvis.
  • Transversus abdominis – these are the deep abdominal muscles underneath the rectus abdominis. They work to stabilize and support the trunk.
  • External and internal oblique muscles – these muscle groups are on the sides of your body and are what makes it possible for you to twist and turn.

Ab Coaster NT-10090 allows you to exercise two major muscle groups i.e. stomach and back and is available as gym equipment, attachments, free-standing units, plate loaded ab coaster.

It engages all core muscles during workouts. Its manufacturers take a lot of flack, which is mostly due to their choice of marketing, than their actual equipment.

Ab Coasters NT-10090 gives vital workouts for abs that help to tighten the stomach.

There are very many people who want to have flat and sexy stomachs and would do anything to make sure they get it.

This can be achieved with the right exercises with the help of the Ab Coaster.

The key difference in using the Ab Coaster versus just doing traditional sit-ups or crunches is that it works from the lower abs upward.

Those exercises do the opposite, making it difficult to actually have any effect on those lower abs.

On the Ab Coaster, you will first engage your lower ab muscles as you start to glide your knees up, then the mid ab and finally the upper ab muscles complete the movement.

They did an electromyography test to monitor actual muscle activity.

This is a diagnostic test used in the medical field to detect the health of muscles and nerves. It detects muscle contraction.

The test found that the Ab Coaster really does engage and work those core muscles when the exercise is being done properly.

It also proclaims to be easier on the back and neck than doing traditional sit-ups or crunches.

This is definitely true about the neck. Instead of contracting those muscles while lifting the weight of your head and pulling your torso upward into a crunch, it’s able to stay neutral.

Your upper body is already upright and leaning on the upper body support.

Weak core muscles can result in chronic pain in the back, pelvic floor or other areas.

Core strengthening exercises can help the muscles to work together better, providing the body with the support it needs.


There are many pros to using the Ab Coaster for your abdominal workout.

As we mentioned, the Ab Coaster does indeed engage and work your abdominal muscles.

By stabilizing your upper body, it helps you to maintain the proper posture while performing the exercises.

  • All-Steel Construction
  • Stainless Steel Rails
  • Double your workout and achieve sculpted, sexy abs in half the time.
  • Smooth, Bottom-Up Motion Creates Constant Core Contraction
  • Ultra-Glide Nylon Rollers
  • Steel Bearings
  • Natural Arc Motion Works Upper, Middle, & Lower Abs on Way Up & Way Down
  • Target hard to reach lower abs with bottom-up motion. Freestyle swivel seat allows you to turn and work on troublesome love handles.
  • Vinyl Covered Molded Foam Arm Pads
  • Plate-loading resistance system allows anyone— from beginner to advanced—to achieve great abs in the most effective way possible. Plate-loading posts to add extra weights for advanced users
  • Adjustable Hand Grips
  • Freestyle Motion Seat
  • Very simple assembly needed
  • 400 lb. User Weight Capacity
  • Helps You Get Sculpted, Sexy Abs Fast
  • Easy-Move Casters
  • Perfect for all fitness levels, including beginners
  • No stress and strain on back or neck
  • Adjust the seat to make it straight for the lower lift or angled for side lift.
  • Kneel on knee pad with both feet hooked. Place forearms and elbows on arm pads, grasp handles gently.
  • Pull knees forward slowly until your abs are fully contracted. Return slowly to starting position. Repeat.

By purchasing the Ab Coaster NT-10090, adding cardio to your exercise plan and changing your eating habits, you will see results and the emergence of the coveted six-pack.


Technical Specifications
Dimensions (L x W x H)1850*600*1500mm
Carton size1550*450*550mm
Max weight150KG