Pec Deck: How to, Benefits, Variations, and More

Pec Deck: How to, Benefits, Variations, and More

It comes with adjustable weights that can be removed and added as per the desired limit of the lifter. The weight machine is extremely customizable because even the portions of the pec deck where arms are rested can be adjusted up or down to increase the potential of exercising and get better results.

What is a Pec Deck Machine?

The peck deck machine, a weight machine, consists of a platform upon which you sit. Protruding from a bar behind the seat are two levers that you pull toward each other. When you do, you'll feel your upper body muscles squeeze together, eliciting action in the pectoralis major.

A pec deck is a metal frame with a pulley attached to the two bars that are suspended. The seat attached to the machine is adjustable. A maximum of 200 pounds of weight can be attached to the pulley of the machine. It's a super safe and very effective way to work your chest muscles.

The truth: This apparatus, also called the chest fly machine, can overstretch the front of your shoulder and cause the muscles around the rear of your shoulder to stiffen.  The pec deck is an effective way to strengthen your primary chest muscle. Use it as part of a comprehensive upper-body routine.

Chest Fly Machine Benefits

Muscles Engaged. Because only one joint is used in the pec deck action, it's considered an isolation exercise. No real stabilizing muscles are activated; the machine acts as a stabilizer.

It provides assistance to your pec major during the pec deck flye by keeping your shoulders from shrugging upward.

How to Do Chest Fly Exercises on a Machine

Step-by-Step Instructions: To use the pec deck, one has to sit on the platform with back pressing the back pad.

  • Place forearms against level on pec deck, or you can hold the handles. It depends on the model that you are exercising on.
  • Pull the arms towards each other and release when you have stretched the arms completely.
  • Repeat the same movement multiple times.

Pec Deck Muscles Worked

Pec deck uses only one joint, and is, therefore, considered ideal for isolation exercise. The machine is more like a stabilizer that impacts:

  • Pectoralis Major

The pectoralis is attached at the clavicle, near collar bones and sternum, which is the bottom of the breastbone. The muscle is present mostly under fatty breast tissue in women. The machine targets the lower or sternal region of the muscle. The upper portion of the muscle, however, also assists in exercising

  • Pectoralis Minor

Pectoralis minor is a thin and flat muscle below the pectoralis major. The muscle assists the pec major during pec deck fly and ensures that shoulders are not shrugged upward.

  • Serratus Anterior

Serratus anterior is along the sides of the chest wall and above the first eight ribs. It helps in punching and swinging actions.

Tips for Using Pec Deck

Before work out, it is recommended to adjust the height of the seat and make sure that the bottom of the arm pads is at level with your chest.

  • Make sure you have a technique and always focus on the stretch and contraction to work out in a better way.
  • Make sure that stacks don’t drop during the set, so select the weight limit accordingly.
  • Keep the body fixed and try not to touch the pads or handles present at the center of the machine.
  • The torso should not move or come forward when you are squeezing the weight upwards.
  • The position of upper arms or elbows should be parallel to the floor.

Wrapping Up

Pec deck is as effective as bench press and other variations of push-ups and weighted incline dips. Golfers, tennis players and boxers benefit from this exercise. If you are looking for Pec Deck Machine for Sale, make sure that you choose a reliable brand so that it doesn’t require a lot of repair or maintenance over the long run.