Six Major Gym Design Trends In 2021

Six Major Gym Design Trends In 2021

2021 has shown things to come and we can expect it to be packed with lots of awesome gym designs. Here is a list of 6 major Gym Design Trends in 2021.

Group Aerobic Area

The indoor cycling class is great, but what's new? When there are so many exciting aerobics choices on the market, especially the variety of equipment that focuses on HIIT, why are we limited to group cycling classes?

As a result, we have seen some gyms choose other cardio equipment for the group training room and offer alternatives to traditional indoor cycling. Rowing machines, air bikes, unpowered treadmills or these combinations will bring new changes to this classic group fitness formula. Consistent with recent trends, this type of studio will rely on excellent coaches, carefully arranged music and immersive lighting and décor to create a quality boutique experience.

The excellent studios will also use professional technology to connect with aerobic equipment to enrich the user experience through in-depth data, competitions and other visualizations of the members and display them on the entire studio screen.

Some people encourage the use of heart rate monitors to complete digitization, enabling people to maintain the highest level and compete with other members to take them to the next level. The entire course can be built around these heart rate systems and is suitable for any fitness level member, as all efforts are related to their own performance.

Mental Health And Physical Health

In 2019, the gym is more focused than ever to provide psychological and physical results. Regular exercise is considered an effective solution to the stress of today's society.

Raising awareness and playing a role in helping people's mental health mean that we will see more gyms begin to improve mental health and physical health.

We have noticed more trends, and traditional fitness clubs combine more comprehensive training with mindfulness and meditation. While many studios may already have the facilities to offer these courses, we have seen a shift in the design of the renovation to create a more welcoming, less formidable gym environment. Operators are looking for more incentives and enthusiasm. The environment is not only inclusive but staffing, training, and teaching will be more focused on mental health.

New Aerobic Equipment Ratio

Worried about reclining bicycles. There is no doubt that traditional aerobic areas are being reduced to make room for larger free weight zones and functional training zones. However, the devices themselves in these areas are also changing. Although there are many benefits to using reclining bikes, it seems to have lost popularity in these changes.

In many of our recent design projects, we have seen more and more starcraft investments that provide low-intensity training and high-intensity training. Rowing machines and unpowered treadmills are also becoming more popular, and all fitness level members are confident in using these products that were once considered "elite exclusive".

Fixed upright and reclining bikes can be replaced or supplemented by indoor cycling and professional training bikes (Wattbikes and Airbikes). We also expect this year's Stages Solo to have a further impact on the proportion of aerobic equipment in our projects.

Reclining bicycles always provide users with some good things, especially those with rehabilitation, activity restrictions or other special requirements. However, there is an increasing amount of aerobic exercise space, and every piece of equipment needs to work hard to get it in the gym.

Advanced Analysis And Tracking

In 2019, we expect the penetration rate of athletic performance equipment and analysis areas to continue to grow. Users can now get a lot of information through apps, wearables, and trackers. The popularity of fitness apps and the increased viability of online personal education services mean that members are progressing and monitoring their training and progress more accurately. What does this mean for the device? This means that in order to add value to users, new ways to find things that customers can't find are needed.

With the popularity of sports performance training equipment such as Wattbike, this change has become apparent, and these devices add value to users when paired with expert knowledge and advice. A major trend in 2019 was to invest in a body composition analysis project/inspector and a club membership monitoring system for incentives and progress tracking.

The Rise Of Sprint Tracks

In the past year, more than 50% of the new gym design we will sprint the runway into the layout. For sled car training and providing softer areas for self-weighted exercises, assisted in training and functional training, these runways are very versatile. They provide an exciting core component for the venue, or look great along with the wall and separate the space from the main training area.

The runway also brings color and fun to space, raising the look of the gym to a higher standard. We look forward to the increased use of sprint tracks in the 2019 design, especially those that are custom made, branded and branded.

This Is Not A Training Session, But An Experience.

We have seen an increase in concept studios this year; designed to carry out a series of specially arranged courses. High-end operators who want to enter the boutique market have created a quality experience in the studio space or underutilized areas to attract members, which is also a pleasure.

In the past, the studio was primarily a versatile space that allowed all courses in all categories (from pumping training to yoga, Zumba to boxing) to be completed in one space. Operators are now more willing to create immersive environments that are less flexible but offer unparalleled specific experiences.

These spaces typically include design lighting, music, and wearable heart rate instruments, ground function markers and HIIT devices.

What do the experts say?

This year, we also spoke with some of the UK's leading experts to find out what they think the state of the fitness industry will look like in 2019. Myzone CEO Dave Wright is known for his industry insights and generously gave us the following forecasts for 2019.

“In 2019, for the UK fitness industry, it will be a year of boutiques. As operators who have been developing and mastering the systematic deployment of their unique “group training” products, the franchise model will explode. Compared to the franchise model, there is a lower ceiling and a higher rate of return.

The large gymnasium as a “boutique studio nemesis” will continue to fine-tune their own services, and even the leisure center will begin to rent out the wasted space provided by many fitness centers.

We'll also see equipment vendors desperately trying to offer their own version of "Peleton"... (a subscription-based family model suddenly emerged in seven years, now worth more than $4 billion - the number that the traditional gym dreams of. )

With the end of the five-year “honeymoon” period, equipment and facilities are aging, yields are reduced, and capital returns are certainly not as attractive as small boutique studios, and operators will continue to integrate.

When the public cleans up the unrealistic promotion of "goods and products" in the 1980s, Instagram users will also begin to lose their brilliance, and the fitness center with experienced and knowledgeable coaches will continue to have a market.

Finally, the market's interest in good health and fitness clubs will rise again, as consumers accept that people are willing to pay higher prices for their health and body, rather than extracting them and using their cheap psychology. It is believed that a reasonably priced gym is necessary to drive the market.

All in all... 2019 will be a very exciting year! I can't wait! ”

Dave Wright - CEO of MyZone

We also spoke with Marvin Burton, product director at Anytime Fitness, to find out what he was following in the next 12 months.

“Overall, we have seen many similar conceptual changes in the industry. The boutique small group training field, HIIT training, and wearable technology are still being redesigned and formatted throughout the industry. These areas will continue to thrive.

These are good areas of development and have been shown to increase participation and retention rates, thereby increasing lifetime value and increasing net recommended value (NPS). As we enter 2019, these numbers will continue to grow. Including heart rate-based training, third-party applications and social engagement are transforming the fitness space into a venue that is not only a health-conscious but also a social hub for the community.

In 2019, we (Anytime Fitness) will continue to introduce these new and future products. We also recently launched our own remote online coaching app that allows our personal trainers to create online plans, nutrition videos, schedules and track the level of activity of their clients. It is important to focus on our regular members and have a great opportunity to re-engage members who need motivation and guidance through a method that suits their individual lifestyle. We have begun to cater to this market.

Considering the future, we are also beginning to focus on emerging markets. The older adult population is growing, and we know from national statistics that this will continue into the next five years. Therefore, we have now begun to move in this direction. In 2019, we will develop our Anytime Prime, senior membership, and improve our products and services, including current, future and technological change. ”

Marvin Burton - Head of Anytime Fitness UK

Finally, Anytime Fitness has been from a small gym in 2002 to more than 4,000 stores worldwide and stayed in Shanghai for the 4000th year last year.