3D Smith Power Rack

3D Smith Machine for sale--buy high quality, made in China 3D Smith Machine perfect for home and commercial gym, from the highly trusted brand Ntaifitness®.
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3d Smith Machine for Sale, Buy Power Rack Smith Machine Online

Should you be tired of the dangerous ups and downs of an old-fashioned Smith Machine by now? Try this innovative 3D Machine that allows you a complete range of motions — Up, down, Backward, and forward. This 3D technology motion gives over 40 unrestricted exercises. We offer you this best quality fitness equipment at an affordable price.

The Ntaifitness 3D Smith Power Rack is an evolution of the standard smith machine.

aeroEX-6077 is the perfect Smith machine combining power and aesthetics with a great emphasis on ultra-smooth bar operation. Unique Full Commercial Heavy Steel Tubing Design combines free weight barbell style lifting with the built-in safety of a smith machine. Get the best price and read about the company and get the contact details.

If you're looking to make a transition from machine to free weight training, the 3D Smith Machine is a safe and effective tool to use.3D movement (up, down, backward, forward). Smith Machines have long been a gym favorite alongside power racks and the like. This unique feature allows users to work in a "3-dimensional" path that mimics free weight lifting much better than traditional smith machines, without losing any of the safety benefits.

Eliminating the guided backward and forwards restraints increases the number of exercises that can be performed, such as barbell lunges and power cleans. This increases the functionality of the 3D Smith Machine while still retaining the spotter catchers for added safety.

This unit comes standard with a durable silver powder coat finish that protects the steel frame against moisture, scratches, and scuffs.

Add an adjustable bench and you have a complete power gym with a small footprint. The Ntaifitness 3D Smith Machine is designed to handle heavy home gym use, college gyms, high school weight rooms, wellness centers, and commercial fitness centers, plus, much more.

  • Sturdy Design
  • Electro-statically applied powder coat
  • Industrial rated bearings, sealed bearings at all pivot points
  • 3-dimensional movement
  • Multi-grip pull up bar included
  • Adjustable safety stops included
  • Commercial grade

Ntaifitness offers state-of-the-art, high-tech, high-quality, commercially rated fitness equipment.

We offer a comprehensive range of equipment to accommodate every exerciser looking to incorporate strength training into their overall fitness program. And we design it with the same focus on durability, ergonomics, and ease of use as our cardio equipment to deliver a more effective workout to your members. With attention to the biomechanics, comfortable touchpoints, and easy-to-use adjustments, our aeroEX Strength Line helps members of all abilities benefit from the value of strength training. To complement your facility, every machine is durable, streamlined, and available in a variety of color combinations.

The aeroEX Series combines all the functional performance elements demanded from a strength line, but with a focus on ease of use and thoughtful design detail to appeal to a wide range of exercises. The result is biomechanical excellence for the first-time user or seasoned athlete.

Product Features

  • Pin loaded fitness equipment/ gym equipment
  • This unit features our Advanced Movement Design where a combination of the overhead pivot and converging axis allows for more natural motion and a greater range of motion for the exerciser.
  • Units have fully shrouded weight stacks in full compliance with ASTM and EN standards. Each selector plate is entirely precision-machined on all surfaces. The top plate has replaceable precision self-lubricating bushings. The plates feature a black painted protective finish. Guide rods are precision centerless ground, polished, with corrosion-resistant plating for smooth operation and rust retardation. The weight stack is elevated to facilitate user pin selection from a seated position.
  • Easy to understand exercise placards feature large set-up and start and finish position diagrams that are visibly easy to identify.
  • The ergonomic seat and two-piece backrest are anatomically shaped to support the spinal column and to help you assume the correct position during your workout. The wide, comfortable shape accommodates larger users.
  • The unit only requires one adjustment for position and comfort. This allows the user to get in and be properly set up with little time needed.
  • The ergonomic seat eliminates the need to adjust the seat height and start position, plus the weight stack adjustments are easily accessible from the seated position.
  • The precise design of the arm allows it to adjusts with the user's body through the range of motion. The pivoting handles move with the body to provide a consistent feel and resistance.
  • Glass-fiber-reinforced nylon pulleys for durability, with precision motor-grade ball bearing pulleys.
  • The converging arc of movement provides a feeling similar to training with free weights. The independent movement arms result in a more balanced strength improvement.
  • The angle of the seat and the arm handle provides the optimal position for stability and muscle engagement.
  • Automotive-grade upholstered thigh roller pads provide user stabilization for proper form throughout the movement.
  • Oversized, linear, re-circulating ball bearings run on case-hardened shafts and are sealed and self-aligning. Pivot points and joints feature motor-grade sealed ball bearings, or sleeve bearings, utilizing either oil-impregnated bronze bushings or pre-lubricated nylon bushings. Bolts are grade 5 or above in all applications.


Technical Specifications
Dimensions (L x W x H)2250*2000*2300mm
Machine Weight325 kg
Weight Stack/
Frame finishProprietary two-coat powder process
Frame ColorGloss Metallic Silver, Metallic Ash, Desert Bronze, Black Magic Gloss, Gloss White, Black Pearl
Over-sized Internal Frame TubingYes
Cable transmissionInternally lubricated cables & fittings
WorkoutsManual, Endurance, Build, Strength
Hand GripsThe wide handles maximize lat muscle engagement and ensure sound biomechanics.
UpholsteryPremium-quality 3D urethane molded-foam padding for maximum comfort. Fabric meets or exceeds California fire regulation