3 Easy Tips for Building Big Triceps Fast

3 Easy Tips for Building Big Triceps Fast

It is no longer a whammy situation that the women have equal cravings to have a well-toned upper body. Triceps muscles are the primary space occupants of your upper arms, and that’s exactly where the women are trying to concentrate more.

Men, on the other hand, are naturally blessed to have more muscular mass in comparison to their female counterparts. Today, the market is loaded with heaps of exercising strategies targeting the triceps muscles majorly to keep them in a defined tone. Seated triceps dips are one such reckoned and religiously followed triceps exercising strategies.

Workout for your triceps muscles: Reflecting a three-part muscle, your triceps play an active role in straightening your elbow joint. It further facilitates to stretch your arm behind your body to lead your way for shoulder extension. Here are some of the triceps exercising tips recommended for you.

Narrow push-ups

To initiate with the narrow push-ups, first, you need to position yourself in such a way that your body’s balance resides on your hands and knees. For this position, you need to place both your hands beneath your shoulders and maintain your elbows tucked in the closed position concerning your ribs.

Also, you need to be aware that your abdominals reside in an engaged position with a perfect alignment if your spine and neck.

Now you need to lower your chest portion down towards the floor. The extent to which your chest portion reaches the floor depends on the position of your shoulder and wrist motion. Be careful while lowering your chest.

Bench dip or seated triceps dips

To initiate this position, you need to proceed ahead by sitting on a weight bench, or a sturdy chair meant for this posture.

Once you are in this seated posture, place both of your hands beside your hips (one on either side). This position shall rest your palms on the bench. Meanwhile, your fingers shall be seen hanging over the edge of the seat.

Now you need to position your feet so that they stand together. Keeping your knees in a bent position, slowly raise your buttocks off from your seated bench.

In this posture, you will notice that your arms are balancing the significant portion of your body weight.

The next step is lowering your hips towards the floor. While you are accomplishing this position, you need to bend your elbows so that your upper arms stand in a position parallel to the floor.

Push yourself back and forth with the assistance of your arms instead of your legs.

Lying Overhead Extension

To initiate this exercise, you need to rest with your back touching the ground. At this instance, your knees must be in a bent position, with your feet residing on the floors. Your arms must lie in an extended upward position holding a dumbbell in each of your hands.

Maintaining precision, you now need to lower your dumbbells towards your ears. Throughout this cycle, you need to bend your elbows while keeping your shoulders in a stationary position.

Once done, return the dumbbells to its starting position and repeat the cycle.