The Gym Equipment, You Should Know How to Use

The Gym Equipment, You Should Know How to Use

1. Use the gym equipment to bring very fitness results.

Objective: to build perfect two head, triceps

2.major equipment: barbell dumbbell + a crank

The most simple things often are the most practical things. The process is as dry as a chip, the result is cheerful. Using dumbbells and barbells can make you in a position of two head, three head muscle, best about a close partner to exercise.

Objective: chest muscle to get fit. ( or buy Chest Press Machine )

3.the use of major equipment: a barbell, bench press stool

Vertical Bench Press OCCUPIED-9040

Clear your exercise purpose: is to want to put the chest muscle practice thick, the shape is a little chest, or specifically developed a portion of the chest, let the whole chest muscles are developed.

When a clear purpose, consider what action to practice what parts.

If the demand is higher, he needs some equipment to practice, such as the bench press, needs a barbell, bench press stool, etc.

But it's adjustable, the grip is apart from the different, the chest part is different.

The grip is apart from the narrow point, practice areas closer to the inside, to shape the chest muscle raphe. With wide apart, can practice the lateral chest muscle.

Also, the parallel bars flex arm, on the edge of the chest muscle and the outer shape is effective action.

Exercise more important principle is: "strengths, step by step. If taken, it will be injured, counterproductive.

Objective: to relieve muscle fatigue, back pain

4.major equipment: hit pear-shaped ball

In the sitting room, one horn with a scarlet hit the pear-shaped ball, not only beautiful but also can have the effect of physical exercise.

The modern city there is a lot of is "office", after a period of exercise, sedentary produce the problem such as back pain, neck pain is gone;

Boxing is a whole-body movement, very pay attention to the body's coordination. Through some auxiliary equipment of practice.

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If struck pear-shaped ball or speed, can make the person's reaction is agiler, and because in the process of strike, must be highly focused, eyes all staring at the rapid movement of the hits object, so practice down, in addition to the concentration can be improved, the eye also can become god all the more.

Practiced for boxing will tell you the same thing, that is boxing than running, instruments, etc. By the end, the same sport more fun.

In boxing, pace, flexible punch has a lot of change, if you are good at thinking, can win by wisdom, you will find more fun.

The correct use of the gym equipment can better help to achieve the effect of fitness, so very love sportsmen friends at ordinary times, must pay attention to these skills, because different gym equipment, to achieve the fitness of each are not identical, so of course according to their fitness for use.

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In the process of fitness, you should not be blind to practice, but need a complete fitness program to support your training, only in this way, to better play its effect.

Now, you know how to use gym equipment the right way.

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