In a time where gyms are spreading like wildfire, it is natural that something might not go as planned. There so many exercisable muscles in your body that you can be misled to some wasteful flexing. These exercises don’t just waste your time but also disrupt your natural body posture. To avoid such situations, you need to have a good trainer, the one who’s worth his salt. However, it takes time to find such a trainer, until then we suggest you to skip these 6 exercises.

Smith Machine Squats

You might be impressed with your buddy rocking the smith machine with 15-kilo free weights but it’s not worth your time. Smith machine does a poor job of activating your stabilizing muscles resulting in slandering your muscle building potential. Also, the smith machine squat keeps your body from forming a natural back posture achieved during the classic squat.

Seated Abductor and Adductor Machine

Making weird exercise postures to gain nothing is a sad thing. This machine sure works on your hip capsules and IT bands but that’s about all it does. People have the wrong idea that this machine helps you to burn fat from your thighs but that’s a pure myth. We would suggest you go for a barbell lunge which flexes both your top and bottom muscles.

Triceps Kickback

Triceps kickbacks are not wasteful but the way most people rip off this exercise is the problem. People go for heavier dumbbells just to satisfy their egos. Well, you can afford to be seen jittering with high weights instead of keeping yourself stable and focused? However, on the other hand, if you took a lighter weight there is no point in exercising at all. No one has ever built a muscle with tiny weights and a hundred reps. Dips are way more effective in this spectrum.

Weighted shadow boxing

Want a body like a UFC fighter? Just seen Creed and want to try out shadow boxing with weights. Well, that worked out fine for Adonis but it might not work for you. People tend to enjoy themselves with this exercise rather than train genuinely. By using heavyweight, you open yourself to injuries while handling lighter won't drop a sweat either. You need to switch to chin-ups which release testosterone, also bodyweight training is much better than punching weights.

Wrist Curl

Everyone loves Popeye’s jacked forearms but he built them by eating spinach and not wrist curling all day. Plus, it doesn’t really put up a strain at all. Rather go for fingertip press-up, it's not as difficult as Hollywood makes it look, you just need practice and perseverance.

Standing glute kickback machine

Generally, it’s the females who are using this exercise more and more but a lot of males are also wasting their time on such a machine. It sells the false hope of spot reducing your glutes. Rather than banging your heads on a standing glute kickback machine go for a simple step up, 15 to 20 times per leg in the set of 3 will do the job.

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