Ntaifitness Introduces New Models NT-R2 to Power Rack Range

Ntaifitness Introduces New Models NT-R2 to Power Rack Range

There's no better way to get your upper body roaring than with a power rack. For anyone who is looking to bring the gym into their home, having a power rack is one of the most important features. With any of the best power racks, the danger of dropping the weights is eliminated and so too is the need for a lifting buddy. Start your at-home gym off with the most useful pieces of equipment available.

Ntaifitness has just released one of the latest and greatest power racks for your at-home gym. The NT-R2 and NT-R2-Smith attachment combine all of the best features of the industry's best and brings it right into your home. You can get one of the best and most effective weight lifting machines on the market so that you no longer need to rely on a gym. With the Ntaifitness power racks, weight lifting has never been so simple.

Train at Home With Ntaifitness

With the Ntaifitness equipment, your possibilities are endless. Customization options to make every workout your own in the comfort of your own home. These are uncertain times, so bring the certainty of a quality workout into your garage.

Gyms to Close

As we mentioned, these are uncertain times and with the impact of Covid-19 on the world, people are never certain how long they'll have access to their gyms. So, if you're one of the many who are afraid that Covid will have an impact on your gym, or the fear of catching the virus is present every time you go to the gym, establish an at-home gym and fill it with the best power racks and machines you can find.

The NT-R2 is specifically designed to enable users to fill their home with the best equipment for an affordable price. As gyms begin to close for a second time in a year, the rising uncertainty has created a vacuum which Ntaifitness power racks can easily fill. People are, now, more than ever, making the unused spaces in their homes into personal gyms and the NT-R2 power rack can quickly become a heavily demanded item with this growth in necessity for an affordable, high-quality power rack.

Impact of Covid-19 on Home Fitness Equipment Market

There has been a boom in demand for quality and affordable home fitness equipment. As the fear of losing a gym continues to grow, more and more people are turning their sights towards their own homes. If the gyms are losing the trust of people with the threat of closing down due to Covid-19, then now is the time to establish your own home fitness center.

Ntaifitness isn't looking to capitalize on the demand for home equipment, they're looking to create a supply that fits people's needs and won't break their banks. In an ever-changing world of uncertainty, the reliance on Ntaifitness to create quality home fitness equipment is the one solid we have. As the market for home fitness equipment continues to skyrocket due to the closing of gyms, Ntaifitness looks to establish itself as the developer for the people.

Bespoke Home Gym Solutions From Ntaifitness

The NT-R2 and NT-R2-Smith attachment are made for the people, by the people and Ntaifitness are bringing chic fitness solutions into your home. With either of these incredible power racks, you're getting some of the best, personalized equipment to fill your home with. These two machines are designed for at-home use and will offer you the best weight lifting assistance without having to depend on the availability of a friend.

Having this personalized equipment for at-home gyms will not only bring the workout to you, but will make it much easier. One issue, especially in the times of a global pandemic, that people encounter at gyms is the need for someone who is willing to be a workout partner. With the NT-R2 power rack, no spotters or assistance will be necessary. The machine works for you and can be adjusted to suit your workout needs. 

What's New: NT-R2 and NT-R2 Smith Power Rack

One of the best at-home power racks by Ntaifitness, and the two most popular attachments - the Smith rack and the AB-1 Adjustable Bench.

NT-R2 Power Rack Product Feature

The Ntaifitness NT-R2 utilizes 3x3” 11-Gauge Steel uprights—placing it among the strongest and sturdiest power racks in the industry. This machine is designed to provide more in less space for anyone with tight spaces. A Rack to Fit Every Need. All in one system to accomplish more in less space. The Ntaifitness NT-R2’s durability, customization options, and compact 53” x 53” footprint make it perfect for any personal gym.

Smith Option: NT-R2-Smith Power Rack

With the Smith attachment, you're looking at one of the easiest weight exercises available. This doesn't mean the lifting will be easy, it can be as heavy as you want to make it. However, with the Smith power rack, the guided assistance is sure to keep you safe and sane as you lift in the comfort of your garage.

Power Rack Package With Bench

The Ntaifitness AB1 Adjustable Bench is perfect for commercial gyms that just need a heavy-duty adjustable bench or someone who wants the best for their garage gym. With seven back adjustments and four seat adjustments, this bench is sure to make your workout perfect for you in no time. You can customize the angle, incline of your lay, anything that you need to ensure safety and comfort while lifting with the NT-R2 power rack. Keep in mind that this and the Smith attachment require you to already have the NT-R2 power rack itself.

Sincerely Seeking Dealers From All Over the World

At Ntaifitness we work everyday to create the most innovative products to support the athletes in reaching their goals. Switch to a new, easier and more effective functional training experience.
Ntaifitness is ready to start selling this exciting product all across the globe.

There is a demand for power racks and home specific fitness equipment now more than ever. With the closing of gyms and the uncertainty of Covid-19, having either the NT-R2 or the NT-R2-Smith power rack in your arsenal of equipment will be a leg up on the competition.

This affordable, yet high quality power rack is sure to be in high demand as gyms start to close down again. With the right distributor, this could easily be one of the best-sellers of 2021. People will not only see the need for an at-home gym now, but the benefit of having one later. With the NT-R2 and NT-R2-Smith power racks from Ntaifitness, home fitness will be more popular than ever.

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