NTAIFITNESS Functional Trainer Review

NTAIFITNESS Multi Functional Trainer Review

Functional Trainer For Sale

The Ntaifitness Functional Trainer is a fantastic piece of equipment that offers amazing value for your money and will keep your training program ever-changing. It is the ultimate multipurpose workout machine, designed to be a complete home gym.

The Ntaifitness Functional Trainer features a Functional Trainer and a Power Rack - all in One. If you are looking to set up a home gym, you cannot look past the Ntaifitness Functional Trainer, as it is truly an all in one, complete Multi Station Gyms

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The Trainer allows for both Olympic and Standard plates with an easily removable sleeve. Storage of plates and bars is made easy with this machine, in order to keep a clean and tidy workout area.

The weight plates can be stored easily with multiple plates holding stations that are included with the Trainer. The storage system also allows for the storage of the standard size barbells.

All the cable exercises are made simple with multiple attachments that are included with the Functional Trainer – Curl Bar, Straight Bar, Handles Straps and Ankle Cuff.


The Ntaifitness Functional Trainer is built strong and robust to withstand the toughest workout. It is equipped with heavy-duty steel tubing, cables, and support plates, this Functional Trainer is extremely durable. You can train at home or place Trainer in a small commercial gym.


A simple yet effective design, the Ntai Multi-Functional Trainer makes workouts fun and easy. A compact footprint and multiple workout options mean you save space and do away with most of your other machines occupying dead space.

Attachment Included

The Ntaifitness Functional Trainer is packed with multiple attachments included such as Dip handles, Lat Bar, Straight Bar, Handle Strap, Tricep Rope, V-Bar, Seated Row Bar, Ab Strap, Ankle Strap. It also comes with a bonus Core Trainer for more difficult exercises like Rows, Individual Presses, and Core Workouts.

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This Functional Trainer comes with some amazing features similar to world-famous brands, I'm sure you will be impressed.

  • Thick Barbell Hooks with Pop Pin System for Easy Adjustments
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Heavy Duty  Pulleys and Cables
  • Ultra Smooth Smith Machine Movement
  • Knurled, Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar
  • Easily Adjustable Handles
  • Easily Adjustable, Solid Steel Safety Hooks
  • Easily Adjustable Safety Catches for Smith Machine Exercises
  • Removable Sleeves to Suit Both Standard and Olympic Plates
  • Weight Plate Storage Units
  • Storage Holders for Olympic and Standard Sized Barbells

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