Gym Equipment Brands: Commercial Gym Equipment Manufacturers in China

International Sales

The international sales info below applies to customers outside of China. Ntaifitness offers door to ocean port shipping anywhere in the world. And there is a helpful list for you, "13 Tips Before You Import Gym Equipment".

You can learn like: The costs of importing, What is FIOB price mean, What does door to door delivery means, and how much does shipping cost from China, How long is the delivery time.

Packaging: If you are ordering a large quantity, then we will put your equipment on pallets, package, and place in a container. If you are ordering a small quantity, we will create your fitness equipment. You can see a description and details here:







Warranty: We do offer a parts warranty for all international transactions. Please note that it will be parts only, and does not include labor. We do, however, have technicians available by phone and email who can walk you through installing or diagnosing the issue, and appropriate part to replace.

Our website product prices are EXW, We can offer FIOB price, picked up from Ntaifitness delivered to Tianjin port.

Door to Ocean Port Shipping:

Please note the ocean port will be the closest shipping port accessible by the ocean to the final destination, which may or may not is located in the actual country of the buyer.

please note international buyers are responsible for transportation from the ocean port to the final destination, as well as all import/border/brokerage/duty/ customs / VAT / GST taxes and fees that their country applies. Fitness Superstore can assist by providing appropriate invoices and other paperwork.

At destination consignee is responsible for:

  • Customs clearance
  • Duties/taxes
  • Terminal fees
  • Fumigation / Quarantine
  • Collecting freight from terminal

Voltage Conversions: Much of our fitness equipment is cordless (self-powered). All of our plug-in products have an option to select a voltage upgrade. We can use a transformer to convert the product to your countries voltage,

Container Any questions? Feel free to contact us.