Gym Design, Build and Consulting for Fitness Facilities

Gym Design, Build and Consulting for Fitness Facilities

Commercial Design Consultants for Gym Owners

How to design a gym? Our commitment to helping you open your new gym goes far beyond providing our best fitness equipment at discounted prices.

Once you have made the decision to buy gym equipment from Ntaifitness, we put our decades of industry experience to work for you. We advise and consult with you throughout the entire process of opening your new gym.

Ntaifitness We provide fitness consulting, design solutions, and top of the line fitness equipment to the vertical market.

Your New Gym Specialists, are a call or email away, providing you professional help, turning your dream of opening a new fitness center into a reality.

The importance of working with a New Gym Specialist cannot be overstated. It can be critical to the success of your gym. Providing the best fitness equipment at the best price isn’t enough.

Our passion is designing gyms that are easy to use, incredibly effective and pleasurable places to be. Cutting-edge equipment and inspirational use of space are brought together to create the best possible workout experience.

  • Consultation: From the compact home workout space to the extensive workplace gym or residents’ fitness facility, our initial consultation allows us to review your available space, needs, goals, and budget. Making sure we completely understand your requirements, expectations, and constraints, gives us the insight we need to design the workout space that works best for you. We are available throughout the UK and worldwide.
  • Design: Based on this detailed review of your needs, we will design an optimal layout and specify all types of equipment and interior finishes, from flooring and lighting to audio-visual and air-conditioning. Detailed plans will be provided to bring your design to life – including 2D floor plans, 3D images, and full 3D video animations. We use our industry expertise to source all equipment from the highest quality, world-leading fitness equipment brands. As independent consultants, we select the best equipment for your budget and project goals without being limited to a particular manufacturer. Our designs ensure the most efficient and safe use of your space, are bespoke to individual demographic needs and will enable you to meet your fitness goals.
  • Interior Architecture: On larger projects, our associate interior architect is available to advise on structural and design elements. We can maximize aesthetic impact, making the most of your existing space, natural light, and architectural features.

No extra charge gym setup design consulting services!

Our consulting services are at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE, once you commit to purchasing your Discounted Complete Gym Package from us.

We do not believe that you should have to pay for consulting to help you succeed. It’s our way of helping to assure that you are getting off to the right start for a successful business.

We begin the process with our clients in the design stages of building a compelling gym by consulting with the architects, interior designers, and development team to help create a unique functional space.

Once the design is finalized we provide the fitness equipment layout to maximize the space in the gym for the resident and/or /customers.

Once an equipment layout is approved we provide top of the line fitness equipment in design and technology features to create a competitive advantage for our clients.

We coordinate and oversee the delivery and install process of the equipment and will always be on-site during installation to ensure this process goes smoothly.

We pride ourselves on customer service and follow through to make sure the final product exceeds your expectations and the management staff is fully versed on the features of the equipment provided. We are not just another fitness equipment sales company.

We value building long term relationships with our clients to serve them in all their fitness needs, and will always take the time to educate them on what’s new and trending in the market each year.

We are gym design companies, our free consulting services also demonstrate our personal philosophy of developing and maintaining long-term relationships.

The people we help and relationships we build last beyond the initial purchase for years to come.

We are not in it for the quick sale. We are here for you, before, during and after the purchase of your new commercial fitness equipment Package.

Our commitment to you when providing the best fitness equipment

People purchase from us because of our sincere commitment to helping them with our…

  • personal attention
  • company’s stability
  • integrity
  • total customer service
  • being able to create complete gym equipment packages with premier equipment at significantly discounted prices

There’s a lot involved in building a gym the right way. Once you are on board with us, our we can offer you more detailed advice on topics such as finding the right type of Building and location for your specific type of gym, various methods of financing so that you can get your funds secured and a host of other subjects that may come up while you go about the process to open and run a successful gym.

The three key elements you should know

There are three key elements that you must have in place before you can move forward with opening your new gym. To find out what they are and why it is necessary to have them in place, you can click the 3 Essential Things That You Need To Open A New Gym.

Once you have your essential elements in place and have decided to purchase your equipment from us by having us create a Custom Discounted Complete Gym Packages for you, you will have access to our many years of experience in helping people just like you all over the world to become successful gym owners.

Your success as a new gym owner is as important to us as it is to you. We sincerely look forward to helping you with your new gym and you becoming a member of our satisfied new gym owners all over the world.

We can help you meet your fitness objectives and assist you with the design and layout of your fitness facility whether it is large or small.

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