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Back Machines at The Gym

Here is a full back exercise machine names list, Find the best quality, precise and durable back gym machine here with NTAIFITNESS which is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China.

Back Machines at The Gym, Buy Back Exercise Equipment Online

Looking for where to buy the best back extension machine for your home or commercial gym?

Here is a back exercise machine names list, is a brief overview of the most popular and the most common Back Extension gym machines. Ntaifitness® is your one-stop back extension machine depot! Visit a fitness equipment store near you or shop online. Featuring a durable pulley system and a robust frame, our back muscle machine offers an intense and safe workout. We have a variety of machine styles so you can target your latissimus dorsi and other back muscles to increase your upper body strength and tone. The machines are sturdy and user-friendly, showcasing precision performance and pro-grade functionality. A highlight is the ergonomic supportive seat to help you retain the correct posture during reps. Our machines are comfortable to use and designed for optimal safety to reduce injury risk.

What Muscles Do Back Extension Machines Work?

No matter what back extension machine you choose, the primary muscle group involved is the erector spinae. Made up of three muscles -- the iliocostalis lumborum, longissimus thoracis and spinalis -- the erector spinae runs down the entire length of your spine, all the way from your neck to your lower back. While it’s capable of performing extension at your cervical and thoracic spine, during back extension exercises, it’s responsible for extending your lumbar spine. According to, strengthening your erector spinae can help reduce the risk of a lower back injury during more complex exercises such as deadlifts and squats.

The Benefits of Back Extension Exercise

Performing the back extension exercise will increase your ability to coordinate movement through your lower back. Other improvements include a stronger back and a back that has more endurance. Overall, these positives lead to better overall back posture, important for the prevention of back injury.

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