Rotary Torso

Buy Rotary Torso Machine Online with Low Price From Ntaifitness. Rotary torso machine will target the muscles of your core & will strengthen your core muscles. We Hope to Earn Your Business!!!
Manufacturer: OCCUPIED
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Rotary Torso for Sale, Buy Rotary Torso Online


Buy Rotary Torso OCCUPIED-9046 Online: Commercial Rotary Torso Machine for Sale OCCUPIED-9046 is the best Commercial Rotary Torso machine fitness equipment. Kneeling position minimizes low-back stress while stretching hip flexors.

Rotary Torso OCCUPIED-9046 offers precise movements and fluids that meet, without doubt, the desires of the most demanding performance athletes.

Adjustable positions on all machines to accommodate all users to ensure correct biomechanical function. Adjustments are made with Heavy Duty spring loaded colored pull-pin knobs.

The commercial grade Rotary Torso get the most out of your training with the Rotary Torso. It’s ideal for working the internal and external oblique muscles from a comfortable, ergonomic sitting position. The rotary torso exercise machine allows you to rotate your trunk against resistance. This movement targets your side abs or obliques.

Browsing for Rotary Torso machine for sale?  The Rotary Torso OCCUPIED-9046 is a complete, sleek-looking, full commercial-quality weight equipment that is an ideal option for outfitting any weight room, rec center, apartment complex or any type of gym to help you achieve your facilities needs.

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  • Upper body stabilization and body positioning provide exercise effectiveness.
  • Load selection is now easier thanks to the new weight stack pin with pretensioned cable that doesn’t jam between the weight stacks.
  • It also comes with rugged foot platforms so that the users can focus on the torso while the machine’s hip flexed position ensures proper spinal alignment as well as body stabilization.
  • It's hand grips secure the user’s upper torso for maximum concentration on oblique muscles.
  • Don’t worry about where to leave your belongings: place your bottle, phone and personal objects in the dedicated holders and enjoy your training!
  • Ergonomic kneeling pad minimizes low back stress.
  • OCCUPIED sports a new sleek and stylish look, thanks to the new guard and easy to read placard design, new color combinations and new upholstery textures that enhance your training experience.
  • Selecting the correct weight is a hassle-free experience thanks to the new weight stack pin with a pre-tensioned cable that doesn’t jam between the weight stacks.
  • Injected core seat for the most ergonomic form. It ensures the best body positioning and prevents deformation of the padding and the proliferation of bacteria.
  • The unique ratchet system on the Rotary Torso allows the user to easily adjust the start position before entering the unit, or after sitting down.
  • The ergonomic seat eliminates the need to adjust the seat height and start position, plus the weight stack adjustments are easily accessible from the seated position.
  • Heavyweight stack accommodates advanced users, Sliding increment weights are easily accessible from the exercise position and reduce clutter on the club floor.
  • Precision bearings for smooth operation.
  • Thigh pads and footrest position user securely.
  • Hand grips secure the user’s upper torso for max concentration on oblique muscles.
  • The adjustable seat and chest pad allow users to perfectly fit this unit to their needs. Slightly reclined back position for comfort and stabilization.
  • The plates feature a black painted protective finish. Guide rods are precision centerless ground, polished, with corrosion-resistant plating for smooth operation and rust retardation. The weight stack is elevated to facilitate user pin selection from the seated position.
  • Easy adjustment pulls pin for side-to-side repositioning.



Technical Specifications 
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1140*1170*1500
Machine Weight 177 kg
Weight Stack 65  kg
Shroud Color Pacific Blue, Dark Cavern, Black
Standard Upholstery Colors China Beauty, Black Blue Jay, Burgundy, Deep Clay, Grey, Hunter Green, Navy, New Purple, Regal Blue, Slate
Frame Colors Gloss Metallic Silver, Metallic Ash, Desert Bronze, Black Magic Gloss, Gloss White, Black Pearl
Over-sized Internal Frame Tubing Yes
Cable transmission Internally lubricated cables & fittings
Workouts Manual, Endurance, Build, Strength
Instructional Placard Simple step-by-step instructions for users of all levels to help with setup and exercise, including tips to help maximize workouts.
Bearings and Pivot Points ABEC-rated sealed bearings for added durability and smooth feel.

Rotary Torso Machine

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Rotary Torso Exercise Machine

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Rotary Torso

Buy Rotary Torso Machine Online with Low Price From Ntaifitness. Rotary torso machine will target the muscles of your core & will strengthen your core muscles. We Hope to Earn Your Business!!!
US $836.00 US $640.00

Rotary Calf Machine

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