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Magnetic Spin Bike Ntaifitness® Superfit-8009, This is an innovative and superb best spinning bike magnetic for you the perfectly and comfortably exercise your body. The sleek and durable fitness bike combines expert biomechanics, a natural feeling of motion, and quiet operations.It is a user-friendly gym house bicycle that is quite cheap while maintaining its power and functionality. This superfit indoor bike will make a great addition to your gym. We have this safe exercise bike available at an affordable price.

Part of the outstanding Ntaifitness® Gym Equipment, the Ntaifitness® Superfit-8009 Indoor Cycle brings you a great road bike feel in the comfort of your own home. Built to understand the needs of both indoors and outdoors cyclists for a better at-home cycling experience, the Ntaifitness® Superfit-8009 Indoor Cycle is the perfect solution for your at-home training.

The bike comes with a belt driver, which gives you a smoother ride than that of a chain drive. When the belt drive is combined with magnetic resistance, the smooth drive, and no maintenance will be there.

There's a new over-sized frame specially treated for corrosion resistance, and a powder coating for extra protection and optimum toughness and stability, the high powered Magnetic Resistance Indoor Cycling Bike is ideal for full-commercial use.

With high-grade lightweight aluminum seat and handlebar post, fitting your spin bike is easier than with any other competitor bikes.

There’s plenty of resistance to challenge every level of fitness. Complete with a poly-V belt transmission, quiet and maintenance-free performance is guaranteed.

Its belt drive assures a smooth and quiet performance, while its chain free build means this Bike requires very low maintenance. There is also an Ergonomically designed handlebar which again is adjustable both horizontally and vertically.

Unlike a few other machines in this exercise bike guide, the Ntaifitness® Superfit-8009 magnetic cycling indoor bike has ergonomically designed handle-bars. The slip-free multi-grip handle allows you to adapt to any biking position.

Also offering Magnetic Resistance Friction, you're provided with a fine adjustment for smooth progressive resistance during your training.



  • Hi-power Magnetic Resistance indoor cycling bike: For full-commercial use
  • Strong and Durable Frame: Heavy steel tubing with aluminum shroud
  • Braking System: Large red stop button
  • Belt transmission: smooth, quiet and maintenance-free performance
  • The frequency of use: Intensive
  • Flywheel: Inertia-enhanced flywheel equivalent to 16kg
  • Triathlon handlebars: featuring horizontal and vertical adjustments
  • Comfort saddle: featuring horizontal and vertical adjustments
  • Pedals: mixed
  • Front mounted transport wheels: For easy transportation


What is Magnetic Spin Bike

There are 2 common methods that are used to apply this resistance. One is a single pad that sits on the top of the flywheel and this is pushed down on the flywheel as the knob is tightened. The other is a caliper style arrangement, much the same as you often see on outdoor bikes for their brake system, there are 2 pads sit on either side of the flywheel and as the tension knob is tightened the pads squeeze the flywheel harder making it tougher to pedal.

Magnetic resistance works in the same way that an eddy current brake works. As the flywheel (which acts as a conductor) turns it passes through the field of two magnets this causes the resistance on the flywheel. To vary the resistance the magnets are moved closer to the flywheel and to reduce the resistance the magnets are moved away from the flywheel, The magnets do not come into contact with the flywheel. The resistance level can be controlled by a tension knob or by buttons on a console.

These come in the form of trekking pedals offering standard baskets or cycling clips, an anatomically designed seat that adapts to all morphologies and triathlon handlebar, ergonomically designed to be more comfortable and intense when using to get you in the right training zone. Both seat and handlebar can be adjusted vertically or horizontally to achieve the exact right fit for you.

Other integrated features include a tablet/smartphone holder and a water bottle holder.

Magnetic Spin Bike Advantages

Magnetic resistance is silent. There are no pieces touching each other so there is nothing to rub together to make a noise. So a big plus here.

There is no dust from magnetic resistance. Nor is any lubricant required. There is very minimal maintenance required at all. There may be some maintenance after a few years to tighten up screws or wires etc.

Magnetic resistance has a lot of advantages over friction – it's quiet, no dust, minimal maintenance, no replacement of pads and you get levels of resistance you can use for setting resistance.

Magnetic spin bikes vs friction

There are two types of indoor bike resistance, friction, and magnetic spin bikes.

Friction works like your car’s brake. Meaning when you turn the knob to add resistance, the brake comes in direct contact with the flywheel to make it hard to pedal.

Magnetic resistance doesn’t touch the flywheel when you add resistance: the magnetic field creates a force to make it difficult for you to pedal. The magnetic resistance also provides a quicker, easier and more reliable change to the resistance level. Magnetic resistance is generated by a metal disk through a magnetic field.

Belt drive spin bike vs Chain drive spin bike

Exercise Bike either features a chain, like outdoor bicycles or belt, like the modern car engines. Here is the difference and which one to pick.

Chain drive spin bikes have a metal chain with tens of tiny pieces that turns around a metal crank arm. So, because multiple pieces of metal run on each other to operate, they require lubrication and often maintenance.

Belt drive spin bike has a rubber belt that goes over two round pullies to turn the flywheel. So, it doesn’t have tens of metal pieces running over a metal crank.




Technical Specifications 
Model Number Superfit-8009
Resistance System Magnetic
Drive system Poly-V belt
Colour Charcoal, Semi-gloss metallic black
Frame Steel Metal
Handlebars Fore-Aft & Up-Down
Flywheel Weight 16kg
Maximum User Weight 200 kg
Equipment Dimensions 1260*545*1240 mm
Equipment Weight 58 kg
Delivery Dimensions 1055*270*955 mm
Delivery Weight 68 kg


Buy The Best Magnetic Indoor Bikes from Ntaifitness

Spin bike magnetic resistance Superfit-8009 that combines expert biomechanics, a natural feeling motion, and quiet operation. User-friendly design is perfect for both exercise rookies and workout regulars. With all these features, including the price being taken into account, it’s the best budget spin bike in 2019 with magnetic resistance.

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