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Why You Should Have a Treadmill in Your House for Good Health? A treadmill stress test is an exercise-based test that is widely used by doctors and cardiologists to diagnose and determine cardiovascular activities, heart rates, and how the heart responds to external stress.

But Treadmills are much expensive. You are at the right place. This Ntaifitenss treadmill Superfit-5000 have the same performance at a much cheaper rate.

The gym treadmill Superfit-5000 is almost 20% of the price of original Treadmill. Superfit-5000 lets you exercise in the best possible way and keep you or your clients healthy.

There are various options available on the treadmill such as a touchscreen that performs several functions such as Electronic chart display: time, speed, distance, energy, heart rate, slope, fault.

The design and working both are impressive and it will make your customers like the experience and they will come again.

No Used Lifefitness Treadmill Gym Equipment; No Second-hand Lifefitness Treadmill; No Refurbished Lifefitness Treadmill.

The material used is of very high-quality which is highly durable. The biomechanical design is combined with an elegant design which makes it beautiful and high performing.

The running machine also has advanced features such as Integrated Foot Plant Technology and man more to give you the best results.

The product is guaranteed, if you face any issue you can contact us and we will resolve your issue instantly.

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  • High-Quality material– The commercial treadmill is made from a High-quality material which is sturdy and robust.
  • Value for money – This treadmill is value for money because it has the same performance as the original one but its price is just 20% of the original price.
  • Features– Touchscreen option is available on the treadmill, other features are Electronic chart display: time, speed, distance, energy, heart rate, slope, fault consultation.
  • After sales services – After sales services are provided for 24/7.
  • Guaranteed – The Commercial treadmill is 100% guaranteed! If you face any issue just contact us and we will refund you full money.

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Technical Specifications 
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1100*1250*1500
Weight(N.W) 210 kg
Power vector control inverter 3HP (continuous) /6HP (peak),YVPP 100L 1-4 2.2KW 220V 8.6A 3.0HP/MAX6.0HP AC variable frequency motor
Screen Touching screen
Running Area 620*1580 mm
Running belt thickness 4mm diamond, antistatic
Led Display time, speed, distance, energy, heart rate, slope, fault consultation, target
Speed range 1.0-20.0km/h
The slope range 0%-20% electric control
Package size 2200*1000*650 mm

Commercial Treadmill

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