6 Gym Workouts for Beginners

6 Gym Workouts for Beginners

Even after you've finally decided to get to the gym and start your fitness routine, you mostly would not know what to do at the gym.

Commercial gym equipment manufacturers give you all the tools you need, combined with a routine, which will result in desired results. Unlike more than 75% of people who only think of working out, it is still progressing that you're at the gym.

While at the gym, be confident about your workouts. Hence, to help you reach your island of fitness, here are some of the beginner workouts that help you work out the right way.

Warmups: start your gym routine with the basic warmup exercises, simple squats, pushups, and warming exercises. Stretch your body, have a tour and get yourself comfortable with the gym atmosphere.

Cardio: to begin your journey of fitness, start off with a little cardio. Try doing a treadmillor elliptical for around 20-30 minutes and keep increasing your pace slowly. Then move to do squats and other warmup exercises. This has been one of the easiest ways to get adapted to the gym environment.

Body weightlifting: after you're comfortable with the treadmills and basic workouts, get yourself to weightlifting. Start off with simple chest press and leg press machines and get your weighing in place. You could also try pushups and bodyweight squats at this level to keep yourself up with the pace.

Dumbbells: while you're now perfect with lifting your own body weights, try moving towards picking up dumbbells. Pick up small dumbbells at first and while you're confident at it, try doing some squats and pushups with them. Start off with a simple routine while lifting weights with just 10 dumbbell rows and sides.

Get your hands on the barbells: as scary as this sounds, you've made it to the dumbbells and weights, and you can get to the barbells too. Start your barbells workout with easy weights and keep increasing them steadily. Do squats and deadlifts with the barbells. With a steady workout, you will be able to ace it with complete ease.

Pullups: while you're a hero at the gym already as you're picking up dumbbells and barbells, its time for you to the ultimate. Pullups are picking up your whole body weight on your arms, and it's usually the toughest of all. If you can do pullups and chin-ups, you're a total winner at the gym.

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