5 Ways to Burn Most Calories in 30 Minutes or Less

5 Ways to Burn Most Calories in 30 Minutes or Less

A half-an-hour workout, if done properly and with full dedication can do wonders for your body. Losing weight is easy said, nobody. There is a whole lot of science that goes into the phenomenon of weight loss. For starters, you need to stop munching on those fried fast foods from takeaways, start eating healthy green veggies and fruits and drink plenty of water.

This is not it; you need to give your body a proper workout as well. We are not saying that you need to avail a gym membership and spend hours sweating off. There are physical activities that you might love like any sport or something. Or even simply going up and down the stairs can burn a whole lot of calories.

Here are five ways to burn the most calories in 30 minutes.


Cycling is the best way to burn a lot of calories in less amount of time. You could invest in a spin bike for indoor cycling experience or an actual cycle so that you can explore the outside world while burning calories. Sweating it out in the saddle can quickly help you burn around 300 calories in just half-an-hour. It is equivalent to using the stair climbers but in a more fun way.


Running is an alternative to cycling. You will start seeing results within just a few days. Your breathing will improve, and you will sweat a lot in the meantime. This is helpful; sweating means your body is having a proper workout. Run at a steady pace; say 8 miles/hour for 20-30 minutes. You won’t require any equipment for that.


Swimming is not only a recommended exercise regimen but also a powerhouse calorie burner. Swimming is fun, and if you know your way around different styles, you could easily burn around 400 calories easily. So throw in some freestyle, butterfly, and breaststroke for an efficient, calorie-burning 30 minutes.

Strength Training

Working on your different muscle groups with weights can burn a lot of calories. The key is to perform the workout with minimized breaks so that your body remains warm. Ask your gym instructor to train you with power sets once a week.


There is not a better way to torch calories than 30-minutes of dancing. Put on your favorite tune, close the doors, and pump up. The best part is, you can do it at your home. Moreover, Zumba and other cardio workout routines can help you lose more calories in less amount of time.

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