The 25 Pieces Of Equipment You Need In Your Home Gym

The 25 Pieces Of Equipment You Need In Your Home Gym

Let’s get one this straight, by making excuses and not working out you are doing more harm than good to your body.

Humans were built to walk, run, and do the labor but today we eat, sleep, and relax all the time. Some people are busy and are unable to muster the time for exercise, for those people stop complaining and bring gym home.

You don’t need to buy heavy artillery but just the basics for a gym. Here are a few of them.

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Right from the goblet squat to deadlifts and swings, kettlebells can help you tone your muscles, enhance strength, and improve posture. You can work on muscles in your lower back, chest, shoulders legs and more.

Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is essential for your pre and posts workout rituals. You need to stretch before performing any exercise in order to avoid injury.

Power Cage

If you are not bound by space, then this hard iron will be one of the best machines you will ever buy. You can do so much on this right from bench press to deadlift, and barbell squat.

Power Tower

If you don’t have the space for a power cage you can always go for a power tower. You can increase your strength by doing a lot of dips and pull-ups.

Small Barbell

You might not have space for a full-fledged barbell so go for a smaller one. Its 6 feet tall and will be handy at your home.

Heavy Bag

Outdoor cardio isn’t everyone’s forte, so if you want to work out private get this bad boy in your house and get some action.

Suspension Training Kit

A suspension kit will save you a lot of money with a great body-weight workout. It’s a golden chance of saving your precious home space.

Power Reels

An amalgamation of resistance bands and dumbbells power reels do a great job in keeping your muscles strained.

Balance trainer

Incorporate any exercise with this platform and watch your core stabilizing your muscles on use.


You can use it as a warmup on mild settings or equipment for building your back on a higher setting.

Medicine Balls

Every workout comprises of ball workout and a medicine ball set gives you access.

Pushup stand

Pushups are still the most staple exercise, don’t break the tradition now and get a push-up stand.

Speed Rope

You can use it for cross-fit training and shedding weight.

Foam Tiles

You don’t want your floor to be corroded with cracks or rust plus you need to save your joints too.


A morning workout is not a workout at all it doesn’t have a treadmill.

Stationary bike

You don’t have the time to hike on a bike, get this machine and be sorted.

Foam roller

The foam roller is quintessential to massage your sore muscles at home.

Pull up bar

You might not have the space for a power tower, well bolt this on your door frame and you can do all sorts of stuff.

Elliptical Machine

The machine helps you to sweat while and cut down those love handles after the evening tea.


You can't possibly build a gym without adjustable dumbbells.

AB Wheel

It’s the traditional ab wheel to roll out those hidden abs of yours.

Resistance bands

One of the most useful tools in a gym are these bands made from latex.

Step Platform

While you can improvise on this one with something at home, we would suggest going for a full-fledged adjustable step up.

Adjustable Bench

You need a bench with flat, incline, and other 5 configurations require a gym.

Multi-station gym equipment

A multi-station gym generally has 30 to 40 exercises. This possibly is the most expensive yet the most versatile gym equipment today. So if you are looking for quality multi-station gym equipment you can explore them online as well.

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