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15 Strength Training Devices Recommended For Muscle Beasts

15 Strength Training Devices Recommended For Muscle Beasts

Being a gym equipment manufacturer, NTaiFitness understand your concerns and does its best to make sure that you are given the best commercial strength fitness equipment manufacturer in China. That being said, we would like to recommend a few strength training devices that can be a dream come true for all the muscle beats out there.

1. Butterfly Machine: To ensure that your chest muscles get the best workout and provide you the best results.

2. Smith Machine: Tests your lower and upper torso, in general, making you push your boundaries to a new level.

3. Leg Curl: Beckoning you to push your limits to a new boundary of leg strength.

4. Bicep Curl: Gives your bicep the perfect shape and strength

5. Shoulder Press Machine: Develops your shoulder in the most efficient manner, guaranteeing that you are offered the best results in a short span of time.

6. Seated Chest Press: Works out your chest muscles, proving your strength and determination for a fine and well-toned body.

7. Thigh Machine: Enhances your leg muscles, especially the thighs.

8. Squats Machine: Focuses not only on the quads but also the gluts and the waist.

9. Hammer Strength: Pushes your chest muscle to a new level of resistance and strength.

10. Abdominal Bench: It may just be for 6pacs but add more weight and you’ll find yourself in a new challenge!

11. Pull Down: This beauty addresses your biceps and triceps, making sure that you get the results in a short span of time.

12. Shoulder Press Machine: Shoulder workout is one the most difficult workouts, and this machine is no doubt going to be your challenge!
13. Calf Machine: Try this machine to see how strong and well-toned your calf muscles really are.

14. Adductor: Strengths the waist muscles as you prove yourself to be a chiseled and a fine looking hunk.

15. Leg Extension: This machine will make your legs toned and fine, and of course as strong as anything!