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The basic classification of fitness equipment

Although the city to sell as many as hundred kinds of machines, but taken together, can be roughly divided into three types:

(1) systemic fitness equipment

such as 10 comprehensive training apparatus, household 16 function machines, etc.;Comprehensive training equipment;For many people on a device at the same time for cyclical or selective exercises.The equipment volume is bigger, the function is complete, the price does not poor, suitable for fitness center, rehabilitation center and authority or the school gym.Should be clear, such as multi-functional although the systemic equipment running machine, but it is only on the basis of monofunctional treadmill increased rowing, pedalling, push-ups, rotating, massage waist, and other functions, so the volume is not large, is also suitable for home gym.

(2) local fitness equipment

such as exercise bike, rowing machine, stair machine, treadmill, and legs bent, lift heel lift, heavy hammer cable machine trainers, etc.;

Are special training equipment, the structure is compact, covers an area of 1 square meters or so, most can fold, some even with interest.Its function is relatively single, mainly focus on local muscle group exercises.Such devices both weight farmar, hydraulic cylinder as overloaded power, also have powered by their own strength, don't need to tear open outfit combinations.Some also comes with time, electronic display device, such as the speed, distance, heart rate, can make the exercisers to master the workout.Therefore, is quite popular with fitness enthusiasts, the gym is family "leading role".

(3) the small equipment


such as known as dumbbell, barbell kettle bell, a crank, spring cable machine, fitness, elastic rods, grips, etc.

Volume is small, can exercise value is not low.Adjustable dumbbell, for example, it is not only suitable for people of different age, sex and physical practice, but also can make the various parts of the body muscle workout, but also the necessary equipment of bodybuilding.Such as spring cable machine, small portable, low cost, convenient for storage, and easy to carry;Also can achieve the purpose of fitness.And like ball kind of small machines, and is the most suitable for the elderly to use.

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